Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Best of 2014

I realize that it's terrible to forget a post one spent a year compiling, and throw it up at the last minute, but here you have it...
I'm honestly not positive that all of the posts on this list are still accessible, or in existence. But they were awesome!

So here's this year's roundup of my favorite posts. They weren't all written this year, but I read them this year, so I'm willing to bend my self-imposed the rules a bit.

It Wanders, written by the ever eloquent Her Liege.

Presence , another post by Her Liege.

Dear Submissives, by SirStompsalot

Faith, from Blood Sex Crimson.

I Have Da Powuh! from Rabbit in Chains.

I Am... By Misty, from A Submission to Submissiveness

What's it like?...its...  from tori, at Pain's Pleasure

Resentment, by mc kitten at Pillow Talk

On the rise from Master'sPiece at Down the Rabbit Hole

Mine, written by greengirl at Whatiwonder

Forgive and...? By Jz at A Reluctant Bitch

The Fear of Fantasies from Dauntless Vitality, at A Dauntless Journey

Losing the Edge...or Neglecting to Hurt the One You Love written by Master Obsidian at House of Obsidian

Perfectionist slave syndrome, by Master Obsidian's namaste at House of Obsidian

I am, by ancilla_ksst from A slave to Master


  1. Hi Lil, Thank you for sharing this list. Lots of new blogs for me to visit :)

    wishing you, Alpha and family a Happy New Year and all the very best in 2015.


    1. Thank you, Roz! I hope that this year treats you well.

  2. ooo! a couple of new ones here to try!
    pre-recommended by someone I trust, even!
    Happy New Year to Us All! :-D
    (I'm soooo glad you're back.)

    1. Jz,
      I was going to say it's good to be back...But I do seem to be having some issues actually Being back...I'll get back into the swing of it. After all, what do people really do the first time they send their kids off to school and have no idea what to do with themselves? I'm pretty sure the answer is clean and blog...

  3. Happy New Year Lil. Having moved way to many times, I feel your ambivalence. Jon

    1. Jon,
      Happy New Year to you as well! moving is a somewhat painful endeavor. I'm already counting down the month until we have to do it again. Not really the highlight of my year...

  4. Thank you so much, lil! You made my day. *wonders if she will be able to fit her head through the door after this*

    I haven't had time to read all of these yet (some I remember reading when they posted), but LOL at Dear Submissives, by SirStompsalot. That is a good one--funny and thought provoking.

    1. Misty,
      How's that head doing? I'm sure it still fits lol.

      That one was rather funny--found myself giggling and nodding my way through it.

  5. I made the list! Sweeeeet. I was wondering why I had so many new views on my Power post.


    1. Simina,
      I giggled and nodded my whole way through that post. Loved it. Thanks for writing it!


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