Monday, April 20, 2020

It's Fine. Everything is Fine.

So things are going well...I was cussed out by a customer before I even had a chance to clock in a couple days ago, and the next day it was so bad that one of the store managers told me, and I quote, "Nobody is getting fired today. If you need to cuss someone out today for your mental health and well-being, today is the day. Have at it".

It's fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine.

I'm a home-body. Really, not much has changed about the way I live, (besides the constant desperation to disinfect, not touch my face, keep illness away from my family, find toilet paper, wash my hands, figure out math problems, not go crazy, etc) because staying home is my idea of a good time. Working with the public though...Holy hell fuck...!

Ya'll...What, and I cannot stress this enough, the actual fucking fuck?!

Anyone else around here having the same brand of fun?


  1. Laughing... I am a homebody, too, and thank God I don't have to leave the house right now. I don't have to deal with the public like you do.... I would not enjoy that especially during these germ filled and bunch of jerks walking around time! Apparently, one doesn't have to leave one's house to encounter stressful people if they know your phone number and love our idiot president!! Hang in there, Storm! Hugs, Windy

  2. Hi Storm,

    Argh, I'm sorry you are dealing with such nastiness at work. What happened to being kind as we keep being told here.

    Yep, I can definitely relate to the need to disinfect etc. Anxiety is high for many of us.

    Take care and stay safe.


  3. I'm another of the homebodies. And gratefully I can mostly stay in and don't have to deal with anyone. We go to the store about once every two weeks and I always 'get back' $10 when I pay and give it to the check out person with my sincere thanks.

    PS - I love your store manager!

  4. I love your store manager too, We all are getting a little short wth the stupidity of people.

  5. I too am a homebody. So much so that I haven't really even noticed the changes required during this time- except the 3 hour grocery shopping trips! LOL. I may turn testy if I cannot get plants to putter in my garden ( meaning these restrictions are safe enough to lift by then).

    I have to agree that your boss seems great. I am not on the front line, but as a shopper, twice a month, I have found those around me much more friendly.



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