Sunday, August 9, 2015


I love dreaming.
In my dreams, is where I find myself feeling truly alive.
I dreamed last night.
Awful and sad
beautiful and mysterious
angry and afraid.

I dreamed that my home was gone
nowhere to run back to
no going home
it was terrible and sad
I slipped momentarily into this conciousness we call waking life
feeling tears sliding down my cheeks.

I dreamed about libraries and beautiful mysterious creatures
a world of wonderful and strange things
it was magic and imagination
stories of tales rising from the ages
and walking off the pages.

I dreamed about someone else
he found someone else
blonde and beautiful,
she was who he chose because I was not there
it hurt
wanting him back
to be mine once again.
I was angry and alone.

I dreamed last night.
Of feeling.
Of being.