Sunday, September 27, 2015


Before I get to rambling, I would just like to say that this is my 1,000th post. By all rights, it should have probably occurred in March, but my blogging has been sporadic at best.
Given the ups and downs, the length of times between posts, and the distinct lack of D/s related content lately, I would like to thank those of you who have stuck with me over the years, those of you who are new here and for some reason found something worth staying for, and the random (albeit occasionally sorely misled by Google) visitors who happen upon my crazy corner and take time out of their days to browse through the insanity that is me.

 Moving on...

So this was a hit I got some time ago, "Secretly making your wife submit" It bugged me.

That's kind of an asshole move, right? I mean, if you want to dominate someone, its probably good to have enough balls not to try and keep it a secret from that person. Is that really even dominance? Gotta say, I'm not sold on it...

Why? How? Why?
That concept is so far outside of anything I even remotely associate with D/s that I'm pretty sure I blinked, sat back, and started a draft which has been sitting in Blogger for months. Possibly since last year. I'm not really sure. I didn't check...
D/s is largely about moving past that stupid bullshit. Deceit, lies, the underhanded approach...What is the point if not to be yourself, the you that you hide, to show someone everything that you really are, and have them accept you anyways?

What value is there in submission that shall never know of its own existence, or be offered freely because some part of the soul whispers about a way that it knows to feel whole?

Maybe D/s really is about secrets. But if D/s is about secrets, it's not about keeping them. It's about opening up that crazy box, the dark closet, the rooms behind the walls, and letting someone else step inside. It's about feeling alive, not just telling yourself that you are.
Yes, perhaps D/s is about secrets. It is about the secrets we keep, the ones we whisper quietly in the dark, the ones we hold close to our hearts like the way we play with candle flames--touch it carefully and oh so quickly, watch the light flicker but do not linger lest the burn sets in.
Perhaps D/s is about secrets, and choosing to linger in the flame until the burn sets in...

Saturday, September 26, 2015

That Uncomfortable Feeling

I left a mile-long comment at mouse's place a while back. I try not to do that because, yea--got my own crazy little place to ramble. But, I was sitting here thinking as I have not had much time to do lately (well, that's not exactly accurate, I think all. The. Damn. Time. but business is different). And I started thinking about that uncomfortable feeling that comes when he pushes the edges further out. I mean, I really thought about it.

Before I thought about it, I stood back on the edges and felt it. Not the nitty-gritty little pitfalls of emotion that suck me in, not the jealousy or self doubt, not the emotions that revolve around my concept of self, or the personal perspective of the human sensations an experience evokes. I felt my way around the sensations that come with not being in control. I mean, truly not in control, those places where I would never choose to go but where he can take me if he so chooses.

And I accepted that is my turn-on, my drug of choice, my Achilles heel--the control that is so absolute as to withstand, surpass, and even bypass, my own desires.
More than kisses and sweet nothings, more even than bondage and the pleasure/pain edge, the kink and the physical sensations...Riding that edge of discomfort, the not wanting something so much that being made to do it anyways becomes a turn-on of its own.

I have been pondering my apparent attraction to living on the edge, and my seemingly conflicting desperation for security.
I have come to the conclusion that the two are not a separate as they might appear.
I love hanging off the edge. But only when I know that he is on the other end of the rope that is keeping me from falling to my doom.
I like to play with my demons
to touch my fears
to reach for the fire
and know that he will not allow them to consume me
will not allow them to become me
will not allow it to burn me.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I Get It Now...

This is how I feel about myself these days

It is still odd to me, this being a stranger in a strange place, a stranger to myself, and stranger to the me that now sits upon the shelf.
I wonder sometimes how the woman I work with does it, how she feels alive without the constant fix that used to be her life, the daily trauma and adrenaline, the pain of humanity, the consistent danger of being one step from the edge of death...

I crave it...That feeling which comes only with heart-wrenching agony, the unavoidable truth of reality, the ecstasy of relief when you are challenged in each and every belief, the passion in pain...

As a kid, I never understood. Never understood why my father chose a life that was, to put it bluntly, so fucking hard. Why he reveled in the struggle, the misfits, the underground, the snow and its bitter fucking cold, the lost boys, the broken toys, the unforgiving deserts and the people to poor to put food on the table.
Even a few years ago, I didn't understand his abhorrence for the easy monotony of suburbia, the 2.5 children inside their white picket fences. Why he was addicted to the new mind, the thrill of finding inspiration in the most unimaginable of places. Why he ran so fast and so far from the illusions so many people dream of living.

They showed him that he was alive. That his life was not a lie. The people, the deserts, the snakes, the trees, the mountains and wide open spaces, the struggle and the fight, the blood sweat and tears in which he spent his years...They reminded him to be alive.

I get it now. He was afraid of being dead which is very different than being afraid of dying.

I think that is one of the things that often draws people to ttwd. People spend their lives like money that can go back into the bank. They go to school, get married, go to work, kiss each other goodbye, eat dinner, and repeat the same story for years.
Then one day they wake up, and they wonder if they have truly lived. They wonder what it's like to be reminded of being alive. And they find it in D/s, in M/s, in power exchange, in the ultimate trade. They find it in the exquisite pain, the whips and the chains. They find it when the sensation of being, of really living, pours down in their tears like rain.

I wonder why I no longer seem to seek this, no longer reach for that peak where the air is thin and the edge so close, no longer wish to hand it all over if even just for the moment.

This industry we work in, it takes everything you have. It demands everything in your mind, commands all of your time. It requires you to pour your heart out into the hours, and hand your soul over to the daily toils. Everyone in this industry works too many hours, too many days of the week, does too many jobs, and gets up on Saturday to start all over again. We're all running on empty.
Perhaps we break new ground one inch at a time, perhaps each day we push a little harder against the line, perhaps one day it will be an accomplishment etched forever in time. Perhaps one day it will be a tale of living worth telling.

This was his dream, and most days I feel like it is eating me. I give it everything I have, so maybe that is why I hold back what he always had of me--everything that I have, everything that I am, every thought and every dream of what I could be...It's all taken up. And the pieces of what is left, the little pieces of me, I hold them close to my chest because every day I give all that I am to the ethereal promise of what we could create.

Maybe I resent that I give my all over and over again to a dream that was never mine but upon which our lives now depend. And it's my quiet little subconscious fuck you to keep what I have left of me away from him.
Maybe my fear of not really living simply can no longer compete with my fear of having nothing left that is me...
By the same token though, that part of me exists for him, and it cannot exist and flourish in a self-created void...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Give Me...

Give me the crazy, the unsteady, the Mad Hatters and the people fallen down the rabbit hole
the junkies, the traumatized, the people living life one step from the edge.
Give me the unfiltered, the misfits, the broken, the one's screaming to breathe
the people who think that they can change the world with their pain
who will be anything other than the same.

Show me the people in the alleys, the man under the bridge, the starving, the beaten and the damned
the kind of people others shy away from
the people whom society feels a general antipathy for
I'll take my humanity without the apathy of the proper class
with their shining glass.

Give me the stars, the rage, the bleeders, the free-thinkers, the exploding agony of humanity
the screamers with their broken dreams and misfit things.
Give me the souls who explode across the sky brightening the night until they die
raining down upon humanity with their gorgeous agony.

Leave me among the people who die every day, bleeding out from the wounds in their souls
the people who know what it is to be hungry and cold, born old, the truly bold.

Give me my escape from monotony into the people who know what it's like to be alive
because they spend every day trying not to die
the real, the one's who truly feel.

Let me lay with the people who spend their nights covered in blood sweat and tears, the trauma junkies and their crazy monkeys
the ones flying too close to sun
that I might burn myself in their fire
free from the ire of indifference.

Give me the dreamers, the demons, all that is holy and obscene, the broken and the lost,
the ones who will survive no matter what the cost, the ones willing to sacrifice no matter what the loss
the children, perhaps, of a lesser god.
Give me the people who will to anything for what they believe, a million miles beneath their feet
living on dreams and unfit things.

Leave me to the overwhelming screams of the mother, the blood of new life brought into this world
hurl my soul at the stars and watch it burn up in the sky.
Give me the unfiltered, the misfits, the broken, the one's screaming to breathe
the people who think that they can change the world with their pain
those that will be anything other than the same.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Decision Bank

We were watching a show the other night, and a woman said something that, six months ago, I would have called absolutely ludicrous.
She said something to the effect of, "Do you know why I wear blue every day? I wear blue every day because I think that every person has a decision bank, and each decision we make takes decision making capabilities out of our bank, it saps our decision making abilities just a little bit more. All of my clothes are blue. That is one less decision I have to make every day."
Six months ago, I would have laughed and said that was absolutely ridiculous, it's just clothing!
Now? I lay my clothes out every night before bed. Always a tank top because it's going under a uniform, and any pair of pants that covers my ass because I'll be in uniform pants all day.
Always the same thing means one less decision in the morning.
Laying them out means one less effort at 6 am.
I like the uniforms because there is no choice there. No decision. It is what it is, and it will be the same every single day.

Someone asked me something simple at the end of a day last week. Really simple. Where to put an extra mop bucket. Trivial and easy right? I waffled. I couldn't decide. It was ridiculous. Least important decision I'll make this year.
That night when I went home, I decided to wear a tank top every single day. And I put out my clothes at the end of the bed.
I got up in the morning, went to work, and made decisions all day.

Maybe I'll invest in a stack of blue tank tops...

Right after I put this on the office door:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I woke up with coffee on my mind. Well, coffee and a whole lot of other crap, but coffee sounds good. And reasonable. And absolutely necessary for survival.
Maybe if I drink enough, it will convince me that I'll make it to Friday...?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Date of My Last Post Labeled M/s

April 24th, 2014.
April 24th, 2014 was the date of my last post labeled "M/s".

Sometimes I feel like a part of me died when we started this new life. Most times I just don't have the time to notice that it's gone. Then I'll catch a glimpse of a picture...Trees on a mountain or a woman on her knees. And I remember...That I once was something, and now I am something else.

The outside world seems to appreciate this woman, this something else. The woman who opens the doors in the morning and manages things day in and day out. The woman who never submits, never needs, is not made of the wind in the trees. The woman who writes reviews, chases employees with paperwork, and tells corporate presidents what she does and does not like about their products, all the while knowing that her yes or no determines the sale.

I don't mind her really, this person I have become.
I look at my husband, and I remember when he once was something else. When the world didn't weigh him down so very much, when there was energy and time for dominance and something else.

Our position here is precarious. It is based upon the whims of fortune, our ability to manage the improbable, our drive to get up and put out more each and every day.

We lived in one place for a very long time. Our place. And now we live in someone elses place, in what seems to be in an entirely different world.
Our lease is up next month, and if we cannot renew, we have to find another house and move. I'd be lying if I said this didn't freak me out. It's one thing to search for housing from the comfort and safety of what is yours, it's another thing completely to search from the place of nothing to fall back on. I've been looking...And I can't find anything.

April 24th, 2014 was the date of my last post labeled "M/s".

He reminded me yesterday that I am his and always have been. I was so busy telling him that part of me died when we left everything we knew, everything I was, behind...I almost missed that little flutter...That sense of magic and mystery, the sensation which comes only with the feeling of being owned...

The truth is, I have become M/s lazy. Relationship lazy even. We both have. While it inevitably lives on under the skin, like a whisper in the wind, D/s, M/s, power exchange, relationships, they take time and effort to sustain. They require feeding and regular maintenance. And the rest of the truth is, anything we have leftover at the end of the day is desperately given to our kids in an attempt to not let them fall through the cracks of this craziness we call life.

There's an itch under my skin. An itch for the wind in the trees, a moment where all I know, see, feel, and breath, is life on my knees. But my mind won't let me rest, won't let go of the continuous test of daily operations.
Somehow, somewhere along the way, my mind became my master. And somehow, somewhere inside, that is my disaster.

April 24th, 2014.
April 24th, 2014 was the date of my last post labeled "M/s".