Monday, October 12, 2015


I realized something today as I was listening to this song...

All this time I thought that I was missing
a place
things that we used to do
something we used to be
a way that things used to feel
the life that we once lived
a piece of me and what I used to be
some kind of specific set of life events or way of living...

But what I miss, why I feel like part of me is gone, like an angel found without wings, or someone missing a very large piece of their whole, is not any of those one thing, or even necessarily a combination of them all.

I miss magic. Something I never really knew I had because it was a part of me, all around me, so much of me, for my entire life.

It's not the wind, it's the whispers of magic in the air.
It's not the stars and the moon, it's the way magic dances in their beams.
It is not the people, but the general acceptance that magic is real.
It is not the dominance and submission, but the feeling of having known each other for a thousand years, having been in love a hundred times before, the knowing flowing through my bones of battles won and lost across the sands of time.

What has me all eaten up, all turned around and inside out, is the feeling of magic being pulled from my bones like wings that I never even knew I had.


  1. yeah…
    I lost touch more slowly, so I didn't feel it pulling away… but I've been aware for some time that it's missing and am still working on how to call it back.

    1. Jz,
      It's a rather unpleasant feeling, isn't it?

      *Bump back*

  2. you got me thinking.

    For awhile now, I've thought that magic is all around us, it's always there, but sometimes it's just...camouflaged.


    1. Misty,
      I think you're right. Sometimes it's so camouflaged though...I miss feeling it around me and being able to see it in the air...

  3. You're lucky to recognize. Now you have to look for the magic in other places or things. As Misty said it's there, you only have to search.

    1. sunnygirl,
      it does seem to be in sparse supply around here!

  4. Hi Lil, you made me think too. I hope you rediscover the magic. I think Misty's right too, it's a matter of finding it.


    1. Roz,
      Thinking makes me head hurt!
      I hope so too...

  5. Yeah.
    But it can be reclaimed.
    And then that reclamation becomes another passage of time.

    1. Bleu,
      and then the question becomes, with what time? Given that I seem to have none these days!


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