Sunday, October 25, 2015

For This Life

Sometimes life whispers in my ear...A voice so familiar, and I wonder if she spoke to me before my time as I now know it began...

For this life you will need
you will bleed
you will give it everything you are, were, and ever could be.

To live, to truly be alive, always knowing that one day everything you love must die
for this you will throw your soul into the fire
drown in the seas of misery
taste the tears of of your fears
feel the passion of pain
occasionally wondering if you have gone insane
anything to avoid the sands of mediocrity.

For this life
it is glorious, beautiful, obscene, sacred, degraded,
and everything in between
and for the privilege of pain
you will brave the salty seas
be torn apart in the storm
hoping that your tears will sate the parched earth.

To live
in agony
in ecstasy
desperately trying to avoid the spaces between
wherein dwells the mediocrity for which you will hold the deepest distaste
you will suffer the stars in your bones whispering
always calling you home.

For this life
you will bear witness to death
and her inevitable call
all that you love
and all that you know
will eventually travel home


  1. Wow Lil, I agree, truly awesome. I'm in awe :)


  2. This spoke to my heart... Thank you... The storm is tearing me apart and I am not sure that my tears will assuage the thirst of this life...

  3. This leaves my a good way. Thank you so much for sharing it.
    hugs abby


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