Friday, July 2, 2010

Uh, really?!?

Well, it was nice to log in for a good bitching and have a comment wishing me luck for the move. Lord knows we need it because the shit just keeps hitting the fan. M's truck got messed up when He left this time, so no more four-wheel drive. Hopefully the damn thing will make it through the summer. The real kicker is though, my house is 3/4 packed up, M told the people He used to work for to fuck off (they really deserved it), and invested the last three months setting up work and a house for us in another state. Today his investor/sponsor/general pain in the ass, said we can't have the house and do M's work there "oh well, to bad." We have invested everything in this. We have done everything but mortgage our house. M has no work here, I'm not qualified for so much as a job at a fast food restaurant, and the boy needs to be registered in school by August 3rd. For fucks sake! I've been a pretty firm believer in Karma, and M holds tightly to His belief that you get what you give. I'm beginning to have my doubts though. Maybe I was an evil dictator in my last life or something lol. Speaking of dictators...the little one is having a conniption so blog time is over for now.


  1. That is all really to bad to hear... sorry. If you need a cyber ear to vent to feel free. We have been in a very similiar situation.

  2. The offer alone has made my day that much better. Thank you Pet.


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