Monday, August 30, 2010

Pieces of who I used to be

Force me to my knees
steal the air I breathe
shame me
claim me
stop one step short of maiming me
You never blamed me
for being a whore
You made me Yours
kept me off the streets
and away from other men's sheets
You kept me from the beds of despair
running Your hands through my tangled hair
You set aside my words and wants
for my dreams and needs
You heard me screaming
in a world unbelieving
that there was more than empty meniality
as you release your needs upon my body
your playground screaming in an endless river
dying to be heard
begging for a place to hide
You made me Your bride
took possession of my being
now you give me the space to grieve
and I no longer know what I need
to be let be, or beaten till I bleed
a queen whore on her knees
Master I have lost
that clarity of being
Master I'm trying to catch myself
but I think I need some help
I store my feelings on the shelf
using emotions to control other emotions
it's an inside explosion in motion
I was born without the ability to be broken
but I feel like I am losing pieces
of who I used to be
Master, I no longer know what I need
throw me on the bed
crawl inside my head
pulling those invisible threads
I have drowned
in amazing grace
pretty like lace
a once empty vessel floating through space
trying to hide my face and discover my place
I am no longer who I was
am I who I was meant to be?
Please don't ever set me free
from the bounds of our reality
Master I am losing
pieces of me.

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