Monday, August 30, 2010

Want versus need and what dreams will be

I think that one of the biggest differences between a D/s marriage and a vanilla one, is that husbands generally strive to give their wives what they want. A Dominant provides His wife what she needs. The two things are not always one and the same. Sure, I want to be cuddled and held, in this point of my life, I even need it just to maintain stability. But I also need to be a toy in the sadists playground. While there quite often comes a time where I find myself thinking, "holy fucking shit, enough, make it stopppp!" it seems like it isn't until after that point has been traveled far past, that I reach the state of mind I need. A place where there is no more thought, no more want, no more individual. Just being. M still has difficulty with his likes sometimes. I guess it's difficult to reconcile loving someone with the fact that you can get tremendous pleasure from inflicting pain on that same person. Anyways, I got off my mental track about what a person needs is not always what they want. Before my father died, he told M we had seven days of grieving, after which we needed to let him go so that his soul could continue its journey. I don't think this was meant as a cut-off point for sadness, simply a time frame in which we were allowed to actively hang on to his being, an easing into life without him (feels more like a 100 mile an hour train wreck, but anhyow...). We had decided that at the end of the seven days we would have a celebration in his honor. He always said "when I die, burn it down and have a big party." So that was the plan. On day two, my mom freaked out. She said she felt rushed and didn't want to go through with the event. This was really hard for M and I. On one hand, we had the directive of taking care of her and doing what makes mom happy. On the other hand, maybe making her happy wasn't as important as doing what we felt needed to be done. Poor M. He took her to the side to talk and she got really put out with Him. While they were talking I could see her hand on her hip and M's shoulder bow that said He was trying to explain Himself in a very non-Dominant way and do the right thing. I thought to myself, "what are we supposed to do dad, we're supposed to do what makes mom happy, but is that taking care of her in the right way?" I heard/sensed a reply (one I was quite grateful for, even though it took the added reinforcement of talking to our boys godmother to clear up whether we were doing what was needed or just hearing what we wanted). "What mom wants isn't always what mom needs." It's a true fact of being human that we rarely acknowledge. I didn't want to experience the pain of childbirth, but I needed it to show me how strong I am. We didn't want our move to fall through, but we needed it to so our family could be together during this time. I didn't want my dad to die, in fact, I really fucking want him back, but I think maybe I needed this experience in my life to help me become the person I was meant to be. Being a submissive gives me more of a relationship with M and life where I get what I need, not what I want (don't get me wrong, getting what you want can be pretty damn great, but it can be very different from what you need).

Okay, my philosophical musings are depleted now lol.
M's sister called me at 8 AM this morning to tell me she wanted M to go see a Dr. She had a dream that he had died and as a result of his passing, I died too leaving my mother with our boys. Quite often, I think dreams are random ramblings of the subconscious mind. Our hopes and fears, the best and worst of ourselves and our realities come out to play in the night. Dreams are not always that simple though, it's learning to draw the distinction that makes things complicated. Three months before my father died I had a dream that he was, for lack of a better word, grey. There was no color of life around him. I woke up and told M that I didn't think my dad would live to see another Spring. Life got complicated, and I decided to ignore my dream. I didn't want it to be true, and he was no sicker than he had been throughout the year. 2 weeks before he died I saw him. He was grey, not physically, but there was no color of life surrounding him. He looked just as he had in my dream. We went home and I told M my dad was going to die and I wished I had not ignored my dream and let circumstances and disagreements come between us. Sister's dream was not my own, so I can't sense the feeling of it. My father's death has been rough on her and her sister too. He filled a very important place in their lives from a very young age. It could just be her fear of losing the biggest rocks in her life--M and I. But I am not the only dreamer in our family and I have been deeply concerned with M's health lately. M payed the dream no mind and told me not to worry. Funny thing is, the thought of my own death has never really bothered me, the thought of losing M or one of our children--that's a mind crushing concept for me.
I think I need a very intense session to take me back out of my mind and clear out the cobwebs. I don't really want one though lol.

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  1. Dreams are trickie things. Hope your doing ok it is hard losing people.


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