Sunday, September 13, 2015

Give Me...

Give me the crazy, the unsteady, the Mad Hatters and the people fallen down the rabbit hole
the junkies, the traumatized, the people living life one step from the edge.
Give me the unfiltered, the misfits, the broken, the one's screaming to breathe
the people who think that they can change the world with their pain
who will be anything other than the same.

Show me the people in the alleys, the man under the bridge, the starving, the beaten and the damned
the kind of people others shy away from
the people whom society feels a general antipathy for
I'll take my humanity without the apathy of the proper class
with their shining glass.

Give me the stars, the rage, the bleeders, the free-thinkers, the exploding agony of humanity
the screamers with their broken dreams and misfit things.
Give me the souls who explode across the sky brightening the night until they die
raining down upon humanity with their gorgeous agony.

Leave me among the people who die every day, bleeding out from the wounds in their souls
the people who know what it is to be hungry and cold, born old, the truly bold.

Give me my escape from monotony into the people who know what it's like to be alive
because they spend every day trying not to die
the real, the one's who truly feel.

Let me lay with the people who spend their nights covered in blood sweat and tears, the trauma junkies and their crazy monkeys
the ones flying too close to sun
that I might burn myself in their fire
free from the ire of indifference.

Give me the dreamers, the demons, all that is holy and obscene, the broken and the lost,
the ones who will survive no matter what the cost, the ones willing to sacrifice no matter what the loss
the children, perhaps, of a lesser god.
Give me the people who will to anything for what they believe, a million miles beneath their feet
living on dreams and unfit things.

Leave me to the overwhelming screams of the mother, the blood of new life brought into this world
hurl my soul at the stars and watch it burn up in the sky.
Give me the unfiltered, the misfits, the broken, the one's screaming to breathe
the people who think that they can change the world with their pain
those that will be anything other than the same.


  1. This makes a person think that there is a whole lot of story behind whatever inspired this. I hope things are good with you - even if complex - i hope they are good.

    1. gg,
      I'm starting to think that good is a relative term whose meaning is completely interpretative by comparisons...
      I wouldn't say things are good, really. Most in my shoes wold probably say they were lol.

  2. You need a cafe press or etsy, so we can have magnets and mugs made of Lil-isms.

    1. Bleu,
      Hmmm...Wonder if I cold make enough money to quit my job? Probably not...

  3. Wow Lil, your writing is truly amazing. I'm wondering if there is a story behind this too.


    1. Roz,
      thank you!
      The thing I'm beginning to learn (slow one here), is that there's a story behind everything. Sometimes so many that they simply become interwoven into one expression...

  4. What can I say except that I love your writing. Fantastic.


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