Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kiss Me Again...

I died inside when he told me he needed space away from me to be with her
That he had made me a place within another to run
But it burns like reaching for the sun
One can only belong to that which chooses to own
You’re still just alone.

I reach inside for the light
Or even just the pure darkness of night
Only to find an empty space
A lost girl without place.

As I wander through these empty rooms, look up at my son in passing
And we take a moment to reminisce, about heartache and bliss
That first and latest heartbreak
Rest my head on that shoulder so young
With all those songs still left unsung
“Baby, you’re going to be okay. Tomorrow is a new day.”
Then I wander slowly on, because this shoulder so young,
Shaking and brave, is no place for me to drop my earthquakes.

Kiss me again
With her lies upon your lips
Touch me some more
With her vile heart on your fingertips
And I watch you fall further away from me
Deeper into her poisoned sea
Once upon a time I was yours and you were mine.

You said you needed space
To be in her and your place
That you had made me somewhere to run
A place to hide
Deep inside the soul of another
But baby it burns like the sun
This isn’t any fun
This consuming desire to curl up in the lap of another
To hide in a space where he never granted me a place.
Every night I see his face
And all these songs left unsung
They ache, so quiet in their heartbreak.

There is no escape in the darkness of night
She’s there by your side every time
And so I use him, to push her out of my mind
Knowing that they cannot both exist within the same space and time
But baby, he isn’t mine
And we both know it’s a crime
And I must stay on the other side of the line
Find some way to redefine
Love and life, dreams and peace
These dreams, they will not leave me be
As all these demons, they chew on me

Knowing that I’ll never be his
As I watch you float away in her endless sea
I look at all these pieces of me
No longer trying to glue them back together
Just gathering them in my hands until I can hold no more
Watching them fall quietly to the floor.


Play nice.