Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Can't Even Think of Titles Anymore...

Note to self:
It is entirely unwise, and completely unacceptable to hit the hand that slaps you.

*Nods wisely*

There might be a few issues around here lately. Happens every year for the month before my birthday. I just can't help it.
The complete lack of exercise in my life isn't helping much. As he put it, "What did you expect would happen when you got your body all addicted to those lovely endorphins and then took them away?" All I can say is that being unable to breathe puts a real damper on downward dog and activities which increase one's rate of respiration.

It's never going to snow again. Uh huh, really--never going to see that glorious stuff again. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, to be sure.

Sometimes I think that, if he wanted to live with a happy-go-lucky-ray-of-fucking-sunshine, he should have married one.
*Nods wisely again*

In a complete contradiction of Murphy's Law, he did not read the last post. I may begin to go mad with uncensored power quite soon.

I am once again on the search for writing topics, so....Hint hint. Surely someone has something...? Questions, ideas, arguments, disagreements, agreements, theoretical philosophical concepts...Anything...?

And just because I'm pretty sure this is what a certain slave who shall remain unnamed, (ahem) looked like after hitting the hand that slapped her...


  1. There is something going around these parts i swear, im reduced to hitting my draft folder because im just well lacking in ideas...now ahem

    i have actually plenty of topics that i should like to write about, but apparently i lack diplomacy and tact! and dont get me started on the lecture i got about keeping controversial opinions to myself!

    So because im being 'restrained' on my blog i have some suggestions/bullet points for discussion....

    which bugger im going to have to come back and say coz he just got home...i shall be back

    1. right, now they are all watered and fed, where did i get to...

      * is submission a gift? if yes, why? if no, why?

      * ttwd contracts, a good thing? not needed? explain reasonings

      * is cheating on ones partner without their knowledge more tolerated/accepted in the realm of ttwd? because ttwd can get a lot of judgement does this make one therefore inclined to be less judgemental to those circumstances?

      * can one be a born/natural submissive? is there a difference? nature versus nurture?

      * other than ones dominant what inspires you to submit?

      ok thats it for now


    2. oooo, I like those two last ones!

    3. tori,
      Lol, this could be bad--your restraint and my currently un-monitored Blogging freedom. could be an explosive combination around here.
      I love it. I'm bored to tears. Well, not in the have nothing to do way, in the life is just not exciting way, lol.

      I love, love, love your ideas. You rock. Thanks!!

  2. I've been know to take longer to think of the title than to write the post. Now I go for whatever words pop into my head.
    Which probably should be the best approach to writing a post at the moment. Random thoughts often start the best posts :)
    There are other ways of finding endorphins.... aren't there ;-)

    1. DelFonte,
      I have always been terrible with titles--to come up with a catchy one feels like a minor stroke of genius,lol.

      Oh yes, there are. Unfortunately...Um, mine are weird and they work better if I already have them going enough to create want for more in those other ways...I really must start making an effort to make more sense...

  3. (((hugs))) you make 'nothing' posts entertaining, it's a gift!

    I seem to be blogging a sporadic series on the seven deadly sins... I've done a post on pride and have one on wrath in draft - something like that is quite fun to do xx

    1. oh, i can't wait to read your post on wrath! i agree, lil's posts on nothing are highly entertaining.

    2. mc kitten,
      thank you!
      Ooh, I like that idea. Going to keep that one in mind. Thanks again!

  4. well, clearly I have nothing to offer as suggestions for topics...
    but how about I throw some possible titles your way?

    "A Willful Disregard of Sense"
    "Vanity, Thy Name is Chess Player"
    "Who Needs Horses, Anyhow?"
    "From the Depths of Tedium"
    "Ecstasy, Bliss, and All That Jazz"
    "The Thinking Woman's Handbook of Life"

    feel free.
    Let me know if you run out and need more...

    1. Jz,
      I am suddenly acutely aware of how lacking in sparkle and wit my titles have been...I may have to rethink my whole approach to blogging--titles are where it's at!

      Thank you!

  5. Along the line's of Jz's comment...when you run out of titles try movie quotes or song titles.

  6. Try to look on the bright side, at least you didn't kick him in the shins.

    And I do have to say, those are some great questions from tori up there.

    1. Misty,
      I didn't. *Not this time anyways, she whispers guiltily.

      Oh aren't they awesome? I'm loving those questions!

  7. I would say the cold has frozen my brain, but I don't have that excuse. Other than the weekly story, have you noticed any new posts on my blog lately. So, I don't have any ideas for you. Sorry.

    1. sunnygirl,
      Hey, a weekly story is an accomplishment!

      Hope your inspiration picks back up soon too!

  8. Some great ideas here, but i love the idea of seeing how many song titles or lines from songs you could get into a post and it still make sense! I have too much crap going on in my life, along with the good of course that I would love to write about the weather or something instead. But the weather here is dull (no snow and it isn't even raining).

    1. Joolz,
      There are some great ideas!
      The weather here is quite dull too. Rather a disappointment for winter, I must say...

  9. Hi Lil, as mc said, you do have a gift for 'nothing' posts :) I dunno what it is but I'm lacking inspiration on my blog too. I have a couple of ideas floating around but can't seem to make enough sense of them to write ... sigh.

    Some great post and title suggestions above!


    1. Roz,
      thank you!
      Maybe we're just waiting for the inspiration of spring to come along, then the inspiration will once again begin flowing freely?


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