Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Great Toilet Paper Apocalypse of 2020

So I went out for groceries and toilet paper last week y'all...And fuck my life.

I went to eight stores. Eight. Two of them twice. On my second trip to the aforementioned two, I happened to arrive 15 minutes after the delivery truck. So I scored a $20 dollar pack of 12 rolls of toilet paper, and three whole bottles of hand sanitizer! By the time I made it the forty second walk to the store with hand sanitizer, the place I got toilet paper at was already out. By the time I got to the cashier at hand sanitizer store, the woman at the end of the line said hand sanitizer was gone.
In other news, I was fortunate enough to find eggs at the fourth store.

Ya'll...It's the self-perpetuating goddamn apocalypse out here. I haven't seen a bag of rice in two weeks.

This week I saw somebody loading up toilet paper and ran into the store. Grabbed a pack. My coworker and her family were down to 3 rolls and hadn't seen any on the shelves anywhere for nearly two weeks. Gave her the pack of toilet paper. It worked out. And it irritated me. It irritated me that things are so ridiculous out here that I, (who would normally rather lose a small body part than be late to work) felt the need to run into a grocery store 7 minutes before the start of my shift, to buy a product I didn't need, because someone I knew needed it and couldn't get it because the masses have devolved into a selfish hoard.
Phew, ok, that was a run on sentence even for my mouth.

I am fortunate enough to still be employed. For now. And...Not gonna lie, I'd really love to come home and stay there for three weeks, only leaving for walks in the woods or to pick up kiddo. I mean c'mon, I was MADE for social distancing! Talk about living the dream...I'm not staying home though. I'm going to work while I can, because I don't have anything to fall back on once I'm sent home, besides a bit of pto. Not enough pto.

It's weird because I have enough of a medical background to know that the bandana and various face coverings myself and my coworkers re-use, the gloves that we do the same with, and our massive step-up in sanitation measures, are truly inadequate. But I'm still out there. Like so many others. We don't want to be, and in an overall sense of practicality, we shouldn't be. But, ya'know, survival in all its forms and all.

Moving on...
Who are you guys reading these days? So many of the blogs I loved have faded away or have simply been taken over by other domains.
Who are you reading that this dusty sub might enjoy in the event that she is lucky/unfortunate enough to be sent home?


  1. Hi Storm, the supermarket has been an exercise in frustration for weeks. Strangely enough, toilet paper has become available again over the last wee while, but you can't get anything else! This is despite the Government and food companies assuring everyone supply is not an issue and urging everyone to shop normally.

    We go into lockdown here tonight for at least 4 weeks. I work for an essential service, however am at home as I am at risk due to a respiratory condition.


    1. Roz,
      It really is a bit insane out there! Glad to hear that you are able to work from home--that's the best place to be and you still have your income. That's awesome. Stay Safe!

  2. I vote for Roz to resume her blog since she's home for a bit! More reading for us that way!

    You make me laugh, Storm. I love your straight forward and funny way of saying how you feel.

    I need to start reading again as well. I took a few weeks off, but I don't remember why. Pfft. The Silent Patient was a recent read of mine and I enjoyed it -- psychological type thriller. Educated was a rough read emotionally, but I found it interesting. I'm also finishing Michelle Obama's Becoming. Happy reading to you. Please let us know what you are reading, too! Stay healthy and stay away from people who annoy you if you can! LOL Hugs, Windy

    1. Windy,
      Ooh, I'll second that vote for Roz!

      I haven't really been reading, well, I read a Laurie King mystery at the river the other day while kiddo and B fished. I had already read it, but I do enjoy her style of penmanship.

      I would love to stay away from the annoying people! Unfortunately, I have shit for clientele right now, but the idiots seem to be deploying in masses to ask stupid questions, complain, and spread unnecessary germs. Huffs.

      Hugs back atcha

  3. We are much like Roz, up here in Canada. The TP issue was only an issue the first week. You won't find excess, but you will find it. The hand sanitizer, well it is just Aloe and Rubbing alcohol if anyone cares to make it. One of the Ontario hospitals here has posted a link for sewing masks that actually are supposed to be useful. You can insert a filter between the material.

    I haven't been allowed out, I don't have a preexisting condition but B has decided that only one of us should be out and it will be him. Not sure how this grocery shopping thing is going to pan out for us. One person, one week, one store. He came home with 20 green beans. Um....I'm very proficient at making things stretch, but I'm no miracle worker!!!

    Social distancing is not all it's cracked up to be. I am an introvert so really my life hasn't changed that much- except I can't see my 'boys'. They are across town ( supposed to be going to college that isn't in). We recently experienced a loss- our one son has never had to go through that before, and I cannot even be with him! I can see him from 6-10 feet away, but I cannot hug him or go into their apartment to play games and distract him. IT SUCKS! They are safe where they are as B does all their shopping for them, and we need to keep them that way. If I could have them back at home, then I'd be happy with social isolation.

    Still debating about writing again. Just have had so much going on around here that I haven't had a chance to catch my breath.

    Hope you stay safe!


    1. Willie,
      I got stuff to make hand sanitizer. Ridiculously, you can't find rubbing alcohol anywhere except for the grow shops because most people don't think to look there.

      Oh...20 green beans...Well...I mean...Hmmm...He found a fresh vegetable and those are in scarce supply these days!!
      The struggle is real lol.

      Aww, it's extra rough to go through something like that at a time you can't be close to him!

      At least you are all safe and well. Stay that way!

  4. That all sounds on the harrowing side.
    i have loved molly for years: https://mollysdailykiss.com/ & her blog list.

    1. Bleue,
      It really is absolutely exhausting lol.

      I'll check her out. Thank you!

  5. It's really getting to the point where I congratulate myself daily on not having stabbed anyone yet.
    Chin up, chica!

    1. Jz,
      Right?? Some days I want the adult version of little god stars like kids get--Didn't stab anyone today, successfully avoided screaming at someone, didn't bite a dog, put my pants on right side out, whatever lol.

  6. I'm still at work too. I shouldn't be, we barely qualify as essential and what I do could be done from home but the boss doesn't trust her other employees not to take advantage. Reading "Chain of Gold" by Cassandra Clare. Just finished "Pax" by Pennypacker and Klassen.

    1. lm!!!
      It's rough having to be out there. Especially if you could be doing your job from home!

      It was really nice to see you here again.


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