Sunday, October 10, 2010

All in

"You're either all in or out little one." So, we have been on this road for a while now, but there's something to say for evolution I guess. M spent a lot of time repressing parts of himself and I think He's done with that now. We were talking about other women. A subject that's a bit difficult for me to swallow as it's often accompanied with a heap of jealousy and a side-serving of guilt do to my past fuck-ups. M pointed out that I can't continue to submit within the box of my comfort zone and it's time to be all in or get off this train so to speak. "How far down the rabbit hole can you go little one?" The truth is, i don't know and M doesn't either. When He said it was time for me to chose to take the next step or step off the path, He said I needed to think carefully about my choice because there was no going back once the decision was made. Well, it's all in from here on out and I guess we shall see how far down the rabbit hole we can go.

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