Sunday, October 24, 2010

Owned, part I

She met Him at the door wearing only her collar. A piece composed of a series of small metal circles which lay comfortingly across her collarbone. Kneeling at His feet she removed His shoes and bowed her head. His bottomless brown eyes, surrounded by eyelashes that went on forever, glinted slightly as He touched her hands and motioned her gently to her feet. "Miss me little one?" "So very much Master" she replied feeling a slight shiver roll down her spine. He smacked her ass lightly, "help me out of these clothes." She slid His shirt up over His shoulders watching the muscles ripple in the soft candle light as He shrugged it off. Sinking back down to her knees she unfastened His belt. The sound His belt buckle made as she undid the fastenings made her shake slightly. The belt was more punishment than pleasure and He took His time when He chose to use it on her delicate flesh. She could feel Him smiling at the top of her head. He knew what she was thinking and found it rather amusing. She slipped His pants off and reached for His underwear, sliding it slowly down His legs. Looking up at Him from the floor, she felt like a miniature figurine. He towered over her all muscle and golden hair. "Go get in the shower little one--I want you clean and ready for inspection." She rose slowly to her feet, blushing at the thought of His face inches from her body, strong fingers prodding and checking as He assured Himself she had done the job properly.

Stepping into the shower she winced as unbearably hot water splashed across her skin. Turning down the temperature she melted under the water her mind consumed with thoughts of Him. She heard the bathroom door open and jumped slightly, aware that she hadn't even touched the soap yet. "I'm sorry, I'll be out in a minute she said." He raised an eyebrow slightly as He looked her up and down. His glance slid beneath her skin and invaded her soul as He took in every square inch of her physical form. He moved silently into the shower without taking His eyes off of her. With a steely grin, He reached for the water, she flinched as it returned to it's previously painful temperature. He settled His fingers firmly into her hair. It was not a rough touch, but one that forbid resistance as He pulled her under the flowing water. He motioned wordlessly for the soap and began washing her hair. Each one of her hands was the size of her head. A hand drifted down, grasping her throat and she floated mindlessly in the knowledge that He could snap her neck with one flick of his wrist. His hands continued to roam, spreading soap all over her body until He was satisfied with His work. He held her under the water for a minute. Then suddenly He pulled her head downward, in an unmistakable command. Sinking to her knees she felt His long hard cock slide into her mouth, continuing down her throat until she heaved involuntarily, her body pulling mindlessly away. His fingers tightened in her hair, motionless and unyielding keeping His cock buried in her throat. Suddenly He yanked her head back and pulled her to her feet. "Good job little one" He whispered in her ear as He steadied her. Somehow she had lost the ability to balance on her own. She tried to focus her eyes on His face. Her eyes told her He had a satisifed and slightly amused expression but her brain lacked the capability ot interpret it.

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