Monday, June 2, 2014

On the Other Side of Love

Sometimes it's this craving
an insane yearning
a primal feeling
where I want you to take me to the edge and throw me off
wrap my soul in chains and my body in pain.

Take what you need by giving me what you have.

That feeling when you loosen the leash on the beast and it comes flickering out of the darkness.
Like an ice-cold tongue licking across my skin
as you calculate how free to allow the beast.

Yet...We each know, even before the hunt begins, that the outcome is predestined. As it always has and will be.
Still though, no amount of certainty in the outcome can lessen the adrenaline of the moment. There is blood on the wind and thrill in the hunt. We both know that you will take me apart piece by piece...Because the beast will feed its need.
I live to be your prey. Over and over again, as you feed on my soul, I slowly become whole.

I'll offer you the daring in my eyes, a tiny morsel for the creature of your needs, a taste to pull him out of his cage.
And the daring will fade, as it always does. Inevitable in its demise, replaced with the trepidation created by your invasion. As the thought that I am gives way to all that you are.

We both know that without the beast I would consume you, we would burn up in my flame. Never sweet, never tamed, always raging on. Yet you bring peace.
In the danger of your embrace, beyond tears, beyond pain, on the other side of love right behind where we fear to tread, there we exist purely as the whole that M/s creates.

I live to be thrown off the edge and caught up in the embrace of your will, to jump off into the deep bittersweet darkness that we find...On the other side of love.


  1. all of this is beautiful, but particularly those last two lines - yes, that!

    (((hugs)))) hope things are improving xx

    1. mc kitten,
      Thank you!
      Have a day at home, so everything feels improved (for the moment anyways, lol).

  2. Gods Lil.
    (another post that made me cry).
    Why is it that you aren't doing the writing thing again?

    1. Bleume,
      I'm going to start feeling real guilt here soon! Thank you.

      It's because I'm a major, not very brave, intimidated chicken. Without the feathers.


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