Friday, May 22, 2015

And It Was Good

We have been so caught up in survival lately, that there hasn't been much room for being caught up in each other. Okay, there hasn't been any room.

The dog woke me up at 4:00 his morning. Apparently, when a large male dog needs to pee bad enough to run back and forth down the hallway, he can still hold it for long enough to make sure he takes the time to go in six different places. Really. Six. While I stand in front of the door wrapped in a towel waiting.

Got a tad distracted...

I crawled back in bed and did the usual, "Must go back to sleep, it's to early to gt up, need to do this and this and that for work, we are so behind, I wonder, he really needs to get more sleep, did he even eat at all today, I mean yesterday? Today I need to, tomorrow I've got to, last week I should have, next will I'll have to..."

He rolled over and put his hand on my thigh. Just like he always does. Every time I get up at night and come back to bed, he places his hand on my thigh or on my hip in his sleep. Every night for nearly 17 years.

In contemplation of what my nights would be like without it, I went back to sleep with a deep seated appreciation for that touch.

I dreamed. Of power and dominance, of the comforts that come with being owned, the adventure that fills ones soul when they let go.

There was peace in the darkness like a thousand quiet candles lighting my way home. And it was was good.


  1. its in te little things.. comfort

  2. Ara is right, it is the little things, that one comforting touch letting you know you're not in it alone. lovely

    1. sunnygirl,
      it really is, isn't it?

  3. Ah, that comforting touch. This was lovely Lil, made me smile :)


  4. That was lovely. The sense of calm that those little touches can bring are are amazing. It's one of the few times I find myself stopping all those thoughts and just enjoying the moment.

    Also, love the new blog look and font!

    1. CM,
      thank you! It can b amazingly difficult to let the thoughts go and just be in the moment...

  5. Lovely post. I hate those early wake ups from the dogs. So nice you were able to crawl back in and drift off to sleep.

    1. Thank you, K!
      Yea...One of them has taken to getting up at five AM jut to be a pain...
      It's rare that I can actually go back to sleep!


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