Monday, May 4, 2015


Too much time spent on this, not enough time spent on that. Time goes too fast and work moves too slow. Time is a funny funny thing.

Some days I feel overwhelmed to the point of idiocy. Regulations are complex and confusing. Operations manuals that promise to put you on the moon are only any good if you can actually walk on it in day-to-day operations. My job, at the moment, is figuring out how people can walk on that moon and perform a variety of functions.

Some days I feel like I'm making about as much progress as a rock that's been sitting on the side of a hill for a thousand years. Time moves too fast. Accomplishments move too slow. Shit is all too confusing and complex, the stakes too high.

Other days? I feel like I'm in my element, all that dratted obsession with detail that so often trips me up is what makes me good at what I'm doing, and I can stretch my mind in ways which have so often lain stagnant. I'm working with a phenomenal team and we can figure anything out.

We are a million tiny steps from incredible from incredible success, one little stumble from disaster. It's a...Consuming place to be.

The fog.
Give me the fog in all its elusive glory
reach out and try to catch it in my hands
and it disappears
swirls around me like so many tiny touches
whispering at the edges of my mind
only to vanish under the focus of my eye.

Wrap me in the fog, the fog that only you can bring
in the song that only we can sing.
Take me
drowning in your kiss
lost in the mist
until up is down and I'm all inside out.
Without doubt.

It feels like aeons since I got lost in your fog
turned around in the trees
upside down and inside out
all in until there's nothing left
no thought
no worry
no mind
no self
just quiet in the fog.


  1. I'm keeping your poems in my own book. They are beautiful

    1. Aww, you rock, sunnygirl.

    2. What a great idea, Sunny! Can I have a copy?

      Lil, incredible , as usual.

    3. Thanks, Sarah!
      Good to see you.

  2. Wow Lil, this is awesome, beautiful.



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