Saturday, May 2, 2015

Real Neat Blog 2

Thank you greengirl! I know that it has taken me foreverrrr to do this, but I do really appreciate the award! And yes, I am going to cheat and just answer the questions...

1 - If you were going to create a blog award, what would it be called or be about?

Hmm, this one is fun, which means that I'm sure to over think it! Hmm, I think that I would call it "The Brave Blogger's Award", because I think that sometimes its really brave when people share how they are feeling, what makes them tick, the kinks they don't want to admit...And I love it.

2 - How would you describe your style of decorating.

Well...The first thought that comes to mind is "practical". We have animals--the cats like to scratch things, and the dog thinks nighttime was invented purely for her to sleep on the couch. More than anything I like a home to feel comfortable--the kind of place where it's not too fancy, and you know that cranky boys sprawl out across the living room on the weekend. I don't like fancy, uncomfortable furniture, and I have a variety of books and statues spread across the house, so maybe my style of decorating is comfortable and a bit on the eclectic side?

3 - If you could have your dream job/occupation, what would it be?

Oh, this one will probably never change--I'd go to school. Forever. I'd take any class that caught my fancy. And get payed to do it. Dream big, right?

4 - Are there any people in your (vanilla) life who you think might actually be kinky, or who you look at and think "no way, but, yet, maybe..."

Yes, actually. There are a couple of couples, Alpha commented that he felt the wife was a lot like me, and initially she tended to avoid interacting with him on her own in a way very similar to how I often treat those of a dominant bent who provoke that submissive approach in me, but I don't want to feel it so I avoid them as much as possible.
The other couple...She's a very dominant person, and while that doesn't necessarily mean that dominance spreads into her private life, I have spent a fair amount of time working on a project with her (avoidance not possible, plus she happens to be the one person here that I really consider to be a friend), and she's the only woman I've ever met who has made me have the thought, (quickly squashed, stepped on, and kicked under the couch) that she's everything which makes for an awesome dominant, and if I was into women and life as everyone knows it was completely different, I'd...*Steps on thought and kicks it back under the couch*

5 -  Where would you put yourself (the sum total of your relationship) on a spectrum from incredibly stern and rigid to teasing and lighthearted?
Oh jeez, I think that we tend to cross that whole spectrum on a daily basis. Sometimes I don't catch on quite as quickly as I should when he switches from teasing and lighthearted to rigid, but I love that we kind of "have it all".

6 - If you had a fairly close friend with whom you really could discuss these types of things, do you think you would still blog?
Hmm...I do think that I would still blog. In fact, this would probably be the first place I would come just to holler at the world that I could sit down and have coffee with someone who knew that side of me exists. I haven't spent a whole lot of time here lately, but I have been a resident of Blogland for years now, and I value the interactions I have and the people who also reside here.

7 - If you had more time (in your day, in your week, in your life) what would you do differently?
Oh...Time...I have a draft in my drafts folder my about time...I would probably do more things with my family. I mean, we spend weekends and evenings together, but so often days where none of us wants to leave the house because we've been gone all week, and it would be nice to spend more time out and about. And I'd come here more often. Because you all inspire me, and I'm trying to reconcile two very different parts of myself and wrangle them into something resembling a functioning whole, and being her helps me do that.


  1. Terrific thoughtful answers and as usual nice to see you come up on my blog roll.

    1. Thank you, sunnygirl! I'm always happy when you visit, no matter how far I may go in between appearances.

  2. lil - awesome to see you here - and awesome answers, thank you. I like comfortable - which for me also means less stuff, and more color, and also texture - i'm big on texture, but not noisy - visually or otherwise - it's probably good i asked this question rather than needed to answer it. And yea - there are those places that are soooo intriguing - but just not so worth letting my mind go to. I hope you are hanging in.

    1. gg,
      thank you for the nomination!
      I tend to like less stuff--I prefer that not cluttered feeling. It's not easy to maintain with children though!
      Lol--I did trip u on the decorating one.

      Yea, what's with those places anyways??

      I'm trying. Not sure that I have ever felt so overwhelmed in my life, but so far, my head's still above water. Thank you.

  3. Great answers, i love decorating, but yeah with pets and children sometimes its best to go with practical rather than what i would really like!


    1. tori,
      Thank you!

      When I hit the lottery, (totally likely right, especially given that I've never played) I'm going to build a library full of books and Very comfortable furniture. Nobody will be granted access, especially if they have four legs or food!

  4. Hi Lil, great to see you:) Awesome answers, I really enjoyed reading this. I like comfortable and non stuffy too. Love your answer to the blog award question and interesting answer to No 4 :)


    1. Roz,
      as always, great to see you too.
      Thank you!
      And yea...I prefer not to think about number 4 too much!

  5. oooh, I *LOVE* the blog award title!
    (see, I told you you are far nicer than I!)

    1. Jz,
      it took me a ridiculous amount of time to decide! I'd probably have published this a week ago if I wasn't so weird...

      Lol! I can at least put up a good front, huh?

  6. If you get hired for #3 would you put in a good word for me?!

    1. Misty,
      oh, we'll totally make it a group thing. And since we're getting paid for the pleasure, there's no need to worry about cost!


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