Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My lovely master,
How long I have craved
To lie in the strength of your arms
To bend to your will
To submit to your rule
How terrifying it is
To follow your command
To accept your demands
To be your whore
How much I love
Being your little one
Lying on your shoulder
Obeying your will
How hard it is for me
To be your possession
To follow your command
To bend to the will of your hand
You give me what I need
You own me and set me free
My soul rests on your shoulders
You hold my heart in your hands
Thank you
For letting me be
Your little one
For not giving up on me
When I say “me my mine”
Thank you
For loving me and letting me be yours
For keeping me
Owning me
And setting me free


  1. this is a wonderful, loving and humble verse. So nicely said.


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