Saturday, October 5, 2013

As an Observer...

I fell in love with this picture. It is a position in which I squirm in terrible discomfort, but...

source: Daddy's Tender Touch
It does make for a really hot image...As an observer anyways.


  1. Submission, that's what it say to me.

  2. This one is proof of the conditioning that goes into all this: he loves this position - it makes me terribly uncomfortable - but the effect it has on him, the places he goes and things he does and mostly the obvious, shall we say, appreciation, he has for this - have made it something else for me as well. It is still an awful way to be splayed out - in my rational mind - but another part of my mind goes straight to subland, and very turned on.

  3. I find that having his eyes on me when I'm on that position gets me as wet as if he were actually touching me. It is very erotic to be admired that way to me.

  4. Oh the struggle but Hot at the same time.....

  5. i definitely have an insecurity at first,, but with in seconds i relax. if He didn't enjoy that 'picture' He wouldn't put me in it.

  6. Oh yes, uncomfortable but so hot at the same time.



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