Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dominant's Playground

It's an amazing feeling--to be a Dominant's playground.
It's thrilling
and inspiring
and overwhelming
and hot.
It's the stuff fantasies are made of.

Except for when it's not.

Playgrounds get used. Hard.
They don't choose by whom, or when, or why, or how much.
They are not always played with as they were designed to be, and they will see much pain and joy over the course of their existence.

It's easy to crave
it's easy to say
my body and my mind are your playground.

Until he starts to play.

Sometimes it's glorious, breathtaking, and mind-blowing. Everything flows and all feels as it was meant to be. The play is wanted and within it there are new and amazing heights as yet unreached.
It is easy because I desire it.

Yet it is not those moments that define me as his playground. It's the moments in which I am unwilling, those times that I want to close the gates, hang up the swings, and bar the gates.

But there is no closing time.
This is always,
in all ways,
when and how he says.
Because in our agreement, he doesn't just get the playground--the whole park belongs to him.

Maybe he likes his playground a bit more like a garden. Perhaps he tears out an awesome slide, and plants a rose bush. You miss that slide, it was fun, and it was part of you.Then he waters that rose.
Over and over again.
Until one day, it is beautiful
the scent is like heaven,
and the blossoms are like nothing else you have ever seen
it makes you smile
and it makes you bleed
it causes you pain
and it brings you peace.
It becomes an intrinsic part of his playground.

Then he continues to make changes. After all, the playground that is you belongs to him now.
Maybe he likes mind games and you hate them, but one day you find yourself to be a piece on the board of his playground...Because now, the only games you play, are the ones that he enjoys.

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  1. wow...beautiful analogy.

  2. hmmm. this is going to make me go away and think alot, because this is what I thought I wanted but he just kept my playground how he thought I wanted it, even changing his to be like mine and I got so frustrated. Now it's beginning to look like this - him changing my playground to suit him - and I'm like whoa, I want that slide and what d'ya mean, you're going to not play when it's open and sneak in when it's shut, and and and ....

    can you hear the back peddling?!

    1. mamacrow,
      Ooh, I'm a backpeddling pro! Don't forget to hydrate...It takes lots of energy.

  3. This is great! Thank you for sharing and putting things into perspective.


    1. Subrina,
      thank you, and you are quite welcome!

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  5. Fantastic analogy! Thank you for sharing -- from a new submissive who is eager to find out how far this "playground" will go.

  6. Very well written, submissive. This is just the way I want My sub to see herself, thriving on the heat and love from being that much enjoyed playground for her Dominant. Yes, I know that is harder some days than others. However, you must always know He owns the key to the playground, just as you stated it here.

    1. Master of sin,
      Thank you.
      Ah yes, the key. Wouldn't be the same if everyone had one, would it.

  7. very nicely said--summed up perfectly

    1. saoirse,
      Nice to see you!
      Thank you.

  8. what a wonderful piece lil

  9. Wow Lil, beautifully said and very thought provoking. Thank you :)


    1. Roz,
      thank you, and you are quite welcome!

  10. Isn't it great that you always want to go back to that playground before you are even gone.

    1. babydoll,
      that's one of the best things about being one....


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