Sunday, October 13, 2013

Saved Inspirations

My son spilled juice all over my laptop a while back. Miraculously, it still works. This is the first time I have really used it since though, and I must say that the sensation of sticking keys is arguably close to nails on a chalkboard for someone with a tactile bent. It's driving me crazy. If there's an extra t here and there, it's not my fault...

Fall is here, and oh what a Fall it is. It's like a beautiful warning for things to come.

I still have some inspirations left, and I fully intend to put them to good use.

One kind lady asked if I had ever told anyone outside of Blogland that I'm in a D/s relationship.
I have not. Though I imagine that, if an observant person spent enough time with us, there would be no need lol.
Avoiding temptation is fairly easy for me because I'm not exaggerating the amount of friendships in my life right now--I don't have anybody that I would be tempted to tell.
Alpha is actually a very private person, (allowing this blog was a stretch for him) and I doubt that there would be any situation in which he would condone outright telling anyone in our lives about the structure of our relationship.

And more courtesy of Jz...

-In a perfect fantasy world of unlimited support and resources, what's your day job?
-Back in that perfect fantasy world, where would you shop for your clothes?
Oh, Oh, Oh, my perfect fantasy World!!
I would be a student forever. seriously, In my perfect fantasy world I go to school all the time just to learn--no end goal, no final graduation, just class after class after class....And get payed for it. Oh yes...

In this perfect world of continuous learning, I would shop at Victoria's Secret. That's not clothing you say? We are talking a fantasy world after all. Okay, okay, there's also this wonderful yet horribly expensive local shop that has some great stuff, so there and Victoria's Secret. Seems like a fair compromise.

-Rich or famous?
This is, would I rather be rich or famous, right?
Definitely rich. I don't see the appeal in fame at all. Plus, just imagine the uproar when the paparazzi snapped a shot of him him slapping me around. Scandalous I tell you. As is, no one cares. Lol.

-What would your patronus be?
I admit that I probably put an abnormal amount of thought into this question. Only to end up asking my husband. Sad I know. I was terrifiedly sure that he was going to say chihuahua. I'm fairly sure that the reasoning behind that one is obvious...But no, the darling man said the owl. I actually think he got that one right. Except for the minor fact that my night vision seems to be deteriorating, but I fully intend to ignore that for a while longer.

I am going to ditch the coffee limerick in favor of drinking another cup lol.

And last, but certainly not least...

-How did you two know you were destined for D/s?
 Ah, what a question. I wonder if our replies to this question would differ...
Putting aside my rather sordid discovery, and our tumultuous beginnings of D/s, I would have to say that it just felt right.
I know that probably sounds corny, but it's true.
For once, I was really able to let go and actually enjoy sex.
Arguments were no longer the norm, but the exception.
There was no void between us, no untruths, no doubts about belonging together for the long haul.
Everything felt real and alive. As if our relationship up to that point, while often incredible and beautiful, had been in black and white. It was like D/s brought us color in HD.

Thank you for the inspirations! I might actually be able to form an original thought or two now. Funny how sometimes you just have to get into the flow and then it comes on its own. I wouldn't hold my breath though. Just in case.


  1. Lil,
    Oh! Sorry to hear about the sticky keys!!

    Love the "Owl"!
    Your reply to being destined for D/s...sometimes its as simple as it just feeling right.

    1. Bleuame,
      I think I'm going to try alcohol to clean them. Really, it's mostly the t...Lol.

      Simple things are so difficult for me to accept for some reason..

  2. I have *exactly* the same dream job!
    Now we just need independent wealth enough for us both! :-D

    An owl is much nicer than a hedgehog, it's true.
    (but my little hedgehog *is* awfully cute, you must give it that!)

    I'm a bit disappointed that you dodged the limerick.
    I may have to consult Tom and see if he can come up with anything. (I'll share if he does!)

    1. Jz,
      At least if I ever win the lottery, we will already have the future planned!

      Oh I dunno, owls are nocturnal and constantly asking questions. Plus, have you seen the size of those eyes?! Hedgehogs are much cuter, it's true.

      Slinks off with her limerick dodging self*

  3. Great answers, i love hearing about how people/couples get into this lifestyle (or however one prefers to call it), i tend to dwell on wandering what is that trigger in us all!


    1. tori,
      I love hearing about it too. Now if only one could get paid for wondering...

  4. More great questions from Jz and I love your answers! Love your answer to how did you know you were destined for D/s. It just felt right ... how perfect is that! and I love your last sentence.



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