Thursday, October 31, 2013

In Which lil Eats Her Words...

Yesterday, I woke up at 2:30 A.M to the sound of music booming across the neighborhood. Amazingly, my husband was able to not hear it until I said something about it...He tried to blame me. And he practically slept in until 4:00! Naturally, quiet descended at 5:00, after we had already consumed that first glorious cup of coffee. So of course he made me go back to bed for morning sex and a nap.
I know, terrible, right?
This morning I woke up to snow. Not sure which is worse.

Anyways...You were wondering which of any vast number of words I was planning on choking on?
Patience dear friends, patience.

First, I would just like to say:
praise be to the heavens,
thank you all of the Gods above and below,
sweet deities long since forgotten,
and the powers that be,                  
soccer season is overrrrrrrrrr!

I simply cannot overstate that fact.

Now where was I? Oh, choking on my words. Lots of them in fact--it's one of the drawbacks of a tendency towards excessive verbosity.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about D/s without punishment.
My darling husband had the gall to suggest that I print a retraction. After careful research into the archives, and no small amount of consideration, I respectfully declined (okay, my refusal might have been slightly less dignified than my wording implies).

The post was fairly well received.
I meant every single word that I wrote.
He said everything that I said he said (seriously, I checked--it's in print).

Suddenly, he insisted on the return of the book, and began beating my ass punishing me for infractions.
I just went and made public statements to the contrary you know!

How could we possibly be happily existing on such very different pages? I mean, this is important stuff, right??

"You mean you've been punishing me under a different label therefor insuring that, not only am I getting punished, I am completely missing out on the sense of absolution that really should come with it??!"

Apparently, D/s works with or without punishment.
But switching back and forth should really be against the rules. I mean, what happened to the notification process?? In retrospect, it probably went the way of the complaints department...     

And here I thought he was just picking on me for fun.

Now I know for sure that he's doing it wrong...


  1. Well, one good thing about the blog, was that it got you both on the same page eventually, right?

    1. ksst,
      eventually..Though I wouldn't swear that we aren't occasionally reading different books. Lol.

  2. LOL! I can barely type because I am laughing so hard (sorry, lil). ...that whole absolution thing is an important part of the process...

    Happy that you are a trifle happy about soccer season being over.

    1. Bleuame,
      lol, glad to be of service.

      And yes, just a trifle....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lil, just be glad the notification office isn't down that back alley behind the complaints department...


    1. lm,
      Oh good lord. LOL!
      Shhh, it might relocate!

  4. Well... at least you're clear in the subject now. Lol!

    1. Misty,
      oh yes, painfully clear. Lol.

  5. Well I think the Leader lol makes things up as they go ik mine does. I said leader so all words were covered lol

    1. Daisy,
      always best to cover all the bases!
      They don't all make it up as they go?!

  6. Ray will change his statements to reflect whatever will make what he said "right". But, since I am right 99.9% of the time, I will not argue. lol

  7. Happy for you that soccer season is over! :) Well, I guess you now know he wasn't just picking on you for fun ... all of the time anyway LoL


    1. Roz,
      I'm happy for me too. In case that wasn't obvious, lol.

      Right? It's just for fun sometimes. Apparently.

  8. woohoo on soccer season over...i enjoy when sports start, but half way through cannot wait for it to be over.

    rule much fun-not!

    1. His slut,
      I know right? Fall is harder I think, because the weather can be so damn yucky.

      Rule changes...Yea, change stresses me out, lol.

  9. We did soccer one season for one child, and man, I hated every moment of rain and cold and Saturday morning. :)

    Aren't you glad you blog though? Really helps understanding everything I think.

    1. Julia,
      we have been doing it for our eldest for years. This was the first year they both played, and it was totally crazy.

      I do think that blogging helps to process stuff, for sure.


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