Monday, April 28, 2014

A Few Kind Q & A's

From an anonymous who was kind enough to offer me some topic suggestions:

If there is one thing you could change about your current lifestyle what would it be?
Hmm, I'm not sure if you mean this in a D/s sense, or as more of a broad question.
I think that more time together with just the two of us would be really good on all levels. There's just a lot of the M/s aspects of life that would be greatly enhanced by a little bit of alone time.

What is one of your favorite books or movies and why?
Ooh, I'm so boring because it never changes--I adore the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I have yet to read something that knocked it off it's perch as my top pick. She has a phenomenal way of  writing in a manner which sucks the reader in and does not encourage skimming. And her characters! Omg, those books are awesome.

Describe how you two met. (for newcomers like myself)
Oh geez. Half my lifetime ago...
I guess it was accidental, as most meetings are. He was friends with somebody my friends and I got a ride to a concert with.
One of his friends was totally smitten with one of mine, and we hit it off...The irony is, I would have never invited him over. My friend invited them. The friends broke up, but hey...

What is one thing that is very important to you (besides family/relationship)
Personal integrity. I find it to be a highly underrated character trait.

And from another anonymous:

If you could meet and have dinner and discussion with anyone in the world (alive or dead)
who would it be and what would you ask?
Oh wow. I really don't know.
I guess it would be my dad. I mean, we've already met, but I would like to see him again. And I'd ask him what it was like after life (hey, the question did say anyone and anything).

Thank you both for the questions! I do appreciate the inspiration to write something.


  1. Love the way you and Alpha met - very similar to the way I met Ray for the second time. The first time didn't take. lol

    1. Sunnygirl,
      Lol, second time's the charm!

  2. "Personal integrity" not a lot of that running around these days, is there?

  3. Enjoyed your answers Lil, love how you two met. I agree with you on personal integrity and definitely going to have to look into Outlander!


    1. Thanks Roz! Outlander is awesome, I hope that you enjoy it.

  4. Enjoyed your honest answers, and I liked reading how you met as well. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Anon. And you are quite welcome.


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