Sunday, May 27, 2012


Instead of going out for the crazy weekend, we came home, made popcorn, and watched movies that we couldn't watch with the kids. I had managed to acquire a lovely sunburn at the kiddo's game, so I was slowed down pretty good for a while. I'm no shrinking violet, but too much sun makes me pretty sick. But it was still awesome.

Oh yea, and we had sex in the living room. Super extreme right? Lol.

This morning we picked up the kids and took them to a carnival that passes through every year. I rode the Ferris Wheel--it's been a standing complaint of mine that they wouldn't let me on it when I was pregnant with the little one.

All in all, a very nice weekend.

The thing is, balance is not always an easy thing to achieve.

The balance between responsibility and play, Dominance and submission, obedience and independence, whore and lady.
It seems inevitable that, in my life, the scales will tip one way or another. And the further they go, the harder it is to bring them back to even.

But there is a balance. And I think that over time, it becomes easier to walk that line.

This was a good weekend that helped tip the scales back in a much needed direction.

And did I mention? They finally let me on the damn Ferris wheel! And I didn't even throw up. Major bonus.


  1. OOh you know i love theme parks and all the super scary fast rides but no way would you get me on a ferris wheel..i am terrified of them...i know weird lol

    Sounds a super weekend and balance well yeah still working that one out myself!

    tori xx

    1. tori, well this event calls itself a Carnival, but in truth that's a pretty generous overstatement lol. Everything is pretty much in miniature lol. I got on the Ferris wheel with the little guy and kind of thought he'd freak out, but he was in heaven.

  2. Good point on the importance of balance. Hope you can continue to find it.


    1. FD, well balance is a work in progress around here, ut it is quite nice when we achieve it.

  3. Replies
    1. sin, it was fun all the way around. And sex in the living room is totally underrated by people without children lol.

  4. Sometimes it is very hard
    to get and feel the balance

    some moments it is a little easier
    sometimes it is hard to find.

    Glad to read that this time
    there is a little more balance

    :-) and the ferris wheel :-)
    I hope you enjoyed the view

    Regards, Monsieur Fessee

    1. Monsieur Fessee, balance is tricky like that isn't it.
      And I loved the view. I had a moment where I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into given this new thing I have with heights, but it was cool all the way around.


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