Friday, November 7, 2014

Like A Quiet Storm

He rolled in at 3 AM like a quiet storm. Sweeping the blanket off my naked shoulders, he reminded me in no uncertain terms of what we are.

I drank him in, resting at his feet as we discussed the future in all of its magnificent uncertainty.
The moon hung huge in the sky as we discussed humanity and the politics of man. A thousand miles to prove that might is not right, and anything worth doing is worth fighting for. And so he takes advantage of the knowledge that I live for a noble cause, I love to fight for the underdog, and we are the sum of what we believe to be true.
His hand stroked my head as he said, we know not what the future will bring, but baby I found something new for me and you. If I go, you will come with me and fight for what you believe to be true.

As the stars faded into the coming day, with a thousand miles behind him, he touched me like a quiet storm.
Slivers of light slipped quietly through the cracks in the sky as he played my body like an instrument of glorious sin.
My transgressions poured forth, confessions in the dark begging for absolution as he reminded me that I belong to him.

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  1. Eeeeeeee! That was a squeal of hotness, and happy stuff. :)

  2. *smiles*

    Write a book already, would ya'?! You know, because you have absolutely nothing else going on.

  3. Your writing is absolutely beautiful!

  4. That was beautiful

  5. Simply beautiful Lil, once again you blew me away with your words. I'm with Misty ... write a book! :)



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