Monday, November 10, 2014

You are to Me

You are to me
like dust in the air
the creaky boards in the floor of an old childhood farmhouse
sunlight drifting through the cracks of aged wood.

You are to me, like memories of what was and is to be
a forest of trees long since forgotten
living on in my bones
like a whisper calling my soul home.

You are to me
eyes all seeing
a whispered dream
the promise of a moment vanished in the mist
and solid as a stone to call my own.

I remember you
like the music in my soul
ages long since forgotten
like sunlight drifting through the leaves
the gentle whisper of wind amongst the trees.

You are to me
time immeasurable
and you remind me
I cannot practice what I am
as I have become what I will be.


Play nice.