Friday, March 13, 2015

A Question of Where, Why, and the Bucket List

Made it to abby, who asked: "If you had to move, but you could choose where...where would it be..why?
Name e things in your bucket of them has to be kink related.

Finally, an easy one!

I'd move back home. In a heartbeat. Specifically, one county over because that is where I have always dreamed of living (far reaching desires, I know). Of course, if we were to move right now, we'd be totally screwed, but this is a wish list!
Because...Those mountains are in my soul. The one place on earth where you could drop me on my own and I could always find my way home, miles upon miles familiar as the back of my hand...The sound of the wind, the smell of wet dirt, the rustle of tree branches, that one stupid cricket that just won't shut up when you're trying to sleep...
My mother.
And the people. The one's who ran away from the world and hid from the terrible madness beyond the borders of their own personal making.
And the awesome crazy ones who think that they can fend off the oil wells, the massive developments,  and the industries; forever keeping the outside world at bay.
The people who don't care about social status and all think that they can change the world by passing down stories of how things used to be, by being different, or creating a stupid painting, or growing your own food, or writing poetry that makes you cry and tears at your soul...
The teachers who stop to skin elk, threaten to beat their students with poorly written papers, who stop to say hello to their forty year old former students in the grocery store; with their stories and tales old enough to finally tell.
The misfits with their ideals and broken reasoning...
Yes, if I could move anywhere, I would go back home.

Here is where things get tricky. Is it lame of me to admit that I don't actually have a bucket list?

I am going to assume that "e things" is supposed to be three, but I do feel that I have a little leeway there and have every intention of quickly backpedaling and deciding that it's actually one if I get stuck (yes, I am willing to ignore the sentence's plural connotation in the interests of laziness or writer's block). Sound fair?


Go to Wales. I have always been fascinated by it, even though Alpha seems to think that there are far more temperate places to find interesting!
See my kids do something awesome with their lives. I know this probably isn't the kind of thing that people think of when they think "bucket list", but if I get to see them do something wonderful with their lives, I will know that I did a good job with them and that my contributions to the world have exceeded those of my own life's accomplishments.
Kinky bucket list items...Hm...
Well...There go those damn crickets again!
Okay, I'm going to go with have sex in a public restroom. There are a few logistics issues with this one, which go beyond the obvious considerations. Mainly that I feel like I would have to clean and disinfect said bathroom before such an act, and that's a real mood killer...


  1. I love having to clean and disinfect the public restroom first. Definitely a mood buster.

    1. sunnygirl,
      it really is quite contrary to the whole concept of dirty spontaneity!

  2. lmao off at the cleaning and disinfecting...thats me!


    1. tori,
      he seems to think it ruins the fantasy. Can't imagine why! Lol.

  3. Great answers Lil, lol at having to cleaning and disinfecting. Me too lol


    1. Thanks, Roz!
      The whole disinfecting need is hard to get past. Lol.

  4. Thanks for the great answers....'home' sounds like a wonderful place.
    hugs abby

    1. abby,
      thanks for the questions!
      It is a wonderful place. Funny how, all too often, one must step back from what they love to realize just how much they do!

  5. If you like mountains, you would love Wales. I lived there for a few years, though not in the mountainous area. We still can see them nearby, so not far to go if I fancy a trip. It's the castles I love.

    1. DelFonte,
      that's awesome!
      I have always wanted to explore a castle--I was that kid who lived in medieval books.

      See? It's a perfectly reasonable place to want to go! Now if I can just eventually convince him of that...


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