Sunday, March 1, 2015

Questions and Answers

Today marks the start of Q&A month here in Blogland. It also marks the end of another trip around the sun for me (or, if you are prone to optimism, the start of a new one).

Lets focus on the important stuff though, shall we?

Question and answer month is loads of fun, and I always enjoy participating, especially if I have been low on blogging fodder, as has been the case lately.

So...I welcome all questions, but much like your insurance company, I can guarantee no satisfactory answers.

How it works: Ask a question in the comments, or by email if you prefer, (or leave me an answer, I'm not terribly picky) and I will endeavor to answer each question individually in blog posts.

It's been a long time since I felt like I had the answers to anything, so help me out here people--give me a chance to feel like I have at least some of the answers to some things!


  1. If you give me some questions to answer, I promise to give you some. I've been out of fodder for sometime too.

  2. What, if anything, helps you get/stay in subspace?
    Enjoy question/answer month. Should be a good time.

  3. It's a similar question that I've asked to others (only those I like *smile) .........

    What are some of the specific things that you would include in your ultimate sexual fantasy?

  4. You know me, I like questions for the person, not the submissive... so I'm going to pass along a good one sofia once asked me. (I don't recall seeing you having answered it before, so I'm hoping it's new to you!)

    If you could pick someone famous, living or dead, for a friend, who would it be? And why?

  5. If you had to choose to give up one thing which is meaningful to you, what would it be? It has to be a good thing, no fair choosing to give up hangnails and the like.

  6. If you had to move, but you could choose where...where would it be..why?
    Name e things in your bucket of them has to be kink related.
    hugs abby

  7. What is your favorite dish to cook? What is your favorite dish to bake? What is Alpha's favorite meal that you cook?

  8. This is so difficult when i read your posts regularly, to come up with something that hasnt already been adressed lol

    but in the spirit of things i shall try..


    1) is there anything kink or even non-kink wise that you would like to explore that Alpha has no interest in?

    2) Would you like to go to any kinky clubs or munches, why? or have you been to any and if so experiences?


  9. Hi Lil,

    If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be?

    What is your favourite mudic?

    What is your favourite implement?


  10. Do you feel like this recent lack of M/s in your life could strengthen your submission in some way?

    If someone gave you $1000, what would you do with it? No necessities or plane tickets. :)

  11. I'm fresh out of questions!

    Seriously, though, I think I've asked them all over the years! Oh wait! I just thought of one. Your birthday is coming up. How are "we" going to celebrate?


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