Thursday, April 22, 2010


Strip me naked for Your eyes to explore
Your dirty little whore
Put me on my knees
Resting at Your feet
The place where, throughout the day I long to be
Feel that searching glance
The look that gave my life a second chance
Feel You slide slowly down my throat until I choke
Before this, life was only reflections and smoke
Come on in
Tie me to the bed
And step inside my head
Drifting outside of time
Open me up and strip me bare
As You run strong fingers through my hair
Feel Your hand close around my throat
At Your leisure I breath
In this moment I live only to please
Make me tell You my darkest fantasies
Then look You in the eye
Strip me of my pride, leaving only naked truth
Enjoying the forbidden fruit
Whip me and kiss the tears from my face
Never judging me
Reminding me of my place
Come inside
Slide into my mind
Wrap me in Your soul
You complete me and make me whole
I am drowning in faith,
Completely safe
As You peer into my heart
With Your eyes that I adore
Yes Master
I am You whore
I am Your queen
And those grey spaces in between
You are my Master
My King
The Owner of my being
My soul exposed as Your warm seed spills onto my skin
Feeding some deep seated need within me
Take me down through humiliation and beyond pain
To that place where we are one and the same
Where I forget my own name
Strip me naked to the depths of my being
Inside which You are somehow all-seeing
Washing away the fear,
The pain and the tears
Hear Your voice whisper softly in my ear
“Mine for all time.”

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