Monday, September 16, 2013

What Do You Need?

The interesting thing about need, is that we don't always want what we need. Much as we don't always need what we want. But I'm just playing with words now...

I generally fall into the category of wanting what I need in overall life. When it comes to things like sex and Domination? Not always so much.

To have admitted what I needed...
To admit would have been to ask for it
 to say that
I need to be put on my knees
bent over
and undeniably
But to ask like that would not have been enough
he would have insisted in that low growl, to be told exactly what I needed.

To ask for it would have meant admitting what I needed.

So simple.

But no...

Sometimes he'll tell me what I need, and sometimes he'll ask. With seeming inevitability, there are also times when I beg for what I need with no claims of having a clue about what that need is.

The one thing I do know for sure though, is that I do not always want what I need, which can make some needs infuriatingly difficult to admit...


  1. Oh i get this.

    I have moments of being in denial, i dont want to admit or acknowledge what i want or indeed what i need...when it comes to wants he draws it out of me...

    when its what i need, but i resist it, he takes it anyway..and ok i admit i like that, or rather i like that he knows what i need better than i do.


    1. tori,
      I like that he knows too...Like it a lot actually.
      I do wonder though, that it's something I should really be able to move past just a bit lol.

  2. Oh yes, I get this too. Wouldn't life be so much easier if our wants and our needs match all the time! It is hard admitting what we need, especially if it isn't what we want.


    1. Roz,
      It really would be easier!
      And yea, it's especially hard to admit when we happen to not want it.

  3. oh I'm SO glad it's not just me that's a little... complex...

    Rarely do I not want what I need, but often I'll want AND need something but not want to say anything. Or I'll not know I want/need it.
    OR I want and/or need it but I want to NOT want and/or need it.

    ARGH for someone who can talk any number of hind-legs of any number of donkeys WHY is it so difficult for me to articulate clearly when he asks me what I want?

    I stammer and blush and loose all ability to talk or want to talk!
    Sometimes I can bliss myself into a happy place where I can unself-consciously blurt it out to his amusement, but I have to be extremely horny and need or recently well spanked, I think.

    1. Whenever Sir asks me what i want, i usually just answer, "everything, so whatever you will give me." lol ... what a scapegoat answer, eh? Though i am good at emailing Him what i want.

    2. mamacrow,
      lol, no--it's not just you.
      I too don't seem to have a problem talking about all kinds of things. Until we get to things like that...It probably sounds like I'm thinking in a dead language when I try to spit it out sometimes...

  4. i never know exactly what i need nor what i want. i just know i need Him to do what He does best - give me what i need. He makes my brain turn everything off except what is going on between Him and i. i need that! He gives me pain pleasure, which i need on most days. It takes away the mental pain i am in.

    Often, i think i need something, and i will tell Him. He often doesn't give that particular need to me and i walk away realizing what i thought i needed was a want, and what He gave me was a need.

    1. His slut,
      There is something particularly valuable in being taken out of one's own head...

      Sometimes I know exactly what I need, but even when I do, it's still usually very difficult to admit.

  5. Is there something in the air? Lately mouse has this need for more...control? Dunno if that's really what it is...

    Sometimes it feels like she's been standing still so long in that safe comfort zone, her feet are really stuck in the mud.

    It's curious.


    1. mouse,
      I wonder if it has anything to do with the change of seasons...

      It is an odd feeling--that comfort which feels just a little bit stuck...

  6. "The one thing I do know for sure though, is that I do not always want what I need, which can make some needs infuriatingly difficult to admit..."


    1. Misty,
      Happy to sum it up! Even if I couldn't do it verbally...

  7. yes yes yes... definitely.... and I hate the times when I have no idea what I need, I just know I need SOMETHING... and honestly, he doesn't have a magic wand in those moments, much as I wish that he did.


    1. Bekah,
      I always wanted a magic wand...


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