Friday, July 29, 2011

The Gods must be bored

This is all rant--humor free.

I try to keep a sense of humor even when I'm bitching, but really? After a certain point my sense of humor just bites the dust. Last month I was fairly sure that the powers that be have gotten bored over time and were simply enjoying watching me fall on my face. This week? Beyond reality for shit going wrong.

Over the course of a month:
An uninsured driver rear-ended me and drove off.
Two weeks later my car broke down (unrelated supposedly).
Sil and monster turned our lives upside down.
The PCO program that cuts my paychecks left me rude messages questioning my quality of work (I may despise my job, but I'm damn good at it).
Alpha's search for summer contracts was unsuccessful.
My car which was bought new off the lot and has been payed off for a whopping three years drives like some lego invention my kids threw together.
My back and neck still feel like someone has tied knots in a string and has been plucking at said knots for over a month. And those constant headaches I have had since the accident seem to be setting in for the long haul.
The rental car our insurance company got us for while our car was in the shop? Yea, twenty minutes in the grocery store and it has a two foot long dent in the side (oh yay, another deductible) Really?? For fucks sake...

And now? Our insurance company informs us that our car is fucked and unsafe to drive (suspension is shot, frame is bent, bumper is jacked up), but they aren't going to fix it because it has aftermarket suspension and the bumper has weld marks that it actually had when we bought it. Yay for minor factory defects huh.
They were kind enough to inform us that we were welcome to take it to a shop that wasn't there's (that's a scam and a half), but no way in hell would they pay for it.

This last year has been like a bad joke and I'm not finding it funny any more.

The Gods may not be crazy, but perhaps they have gotten bored over aeons and developed an exceptionally perverse sense of humor.


  1. I know this place you are in...and the only reason I'm going to say this next bit is because I'm too far away for you to reach, 'cause I know your going to want to hit me, but it's will pass. It's a bitch while it's happening, and all you can do is hang on, and endure, and try not to kill anyone while you are waiting for the tide to change.

    I'll be thinking of you and sending mental "play nice" vibes out to the universe on your behalf. Hugs.

  2. Oh my! You really do have a lot going on and have every reason to vent as often as you need to!

    Hope things get better sooner rather than later!!

  3. Ok, i'm gonna go all cliche on you too, but it's my Nonna's cliche so don't hit me!!

    "The deeper the shit, the bigger the flowers, and the better they smell."

    (arms over head)

    i hope the flowers bloom sooner than later, honey.


  4. Just wanted to say that I'm getting his with similar shit and that I feel your pain. Here's to better days for both of our hordes.

  5. I'm going to second Zelda and say "here'S to better days"!

  6. littleomonkey, yes it will pass...cynicism says it could still get worse! Couldn't resist lol. Thanks for the "play nice vibes."

    baby girl, thank you!

    pepper, thank you. It's summer...things better start blooming quick!

    zelda, seems to be in the air huh. Yes, bring on the better days for all! I'm with you there.

    sin, thank you. I like to think they're on the way.

  7. Good hell and twenty - when it rains it freaking pours!!!! I know this was nearly 2 years ago, but still...

    1. s.t,
      Yea, that summer was totally nuts. Still dealing with the accident crap two years later too!


Play nice.