Monday, July 18, 2011

Life is a Roller Coaster Ride

So I'm sitting in my living room with about two hours left before sil and monster crash back in. Perfect time for one of those introspective and deep posts right? Except that there are way to many thoughts in my mind. It's getting a bit crowded and the door seems to be blocked by a very large pile of boxes (unlabeled of course. What's with the lack of organization in here?)

Life has been one hell of a roller coaster ride around here and I was hanging in pretty good (haven't puked on anyone, yelled at innocent bystanders, or made a jump for it), until I found out that Alpha has to go back for another round of tests. Well, there goes the happy little bubble of denial!

I have been on my own personal roller coaster of submission too. And eventually I had pushed back long enough to get whipped for it. And I did feel kind of bad because, why fight against something you want and need so bad?? I apologized in the best possible place, you know, that one where everything seemed hazy and unreal except for the shoulder my head was on. And Alpha kind of surprised me--He said it was okay because it kept things interesting. Continuous mindless submission bores Him.
However, I would like to submit a request for a memo to be sent out every time I have gone to far--before the whipping.

Oh, is that what all those verbal warnings about getting my ass back in my place or facing the consequences were? Geez, He should have really labeled them better...

Anyways, I will be continuing to fuel myself with unhealthy amounts of caffeine and hanging on to the scraps of my sanity until this weekend when sil and monster are supposed to be moving to greener pastures.

And then maybe some of those deep and introspective, (possibly somewhat interesting), thoughts will actually make it out of the mess in my head and onto my blog.


  1. Such a great visual of all the boxes in your mind! I could see the dust flying!

    Good luck!

  2. At least your stuff is in the boxes, blocking the door or not, instead of flung madly all across your life. Do the best you can. We'll be around...Deep introspection is a lot of work.

  3. Isn't it great how everyone gets what they need? He doesn't want mindless submission, you don't intend to give it to him that way, he wants to beat your ass, and you queue that up for him... Snark aside (i'm more prone to sarcasm too) - seems like you are both good for each other, how perfect.

  4. Mindset, Yeah, the clouds are chocking me lol.

    littlemonkey, I am beginning to think that deep introspection may be too much work lol.

    greengirl, we are good for eachother--I'm thinking it wouldn't work the same if we weren' know, that whole thinking thing...


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