Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Learning curve

I learned a few things over the past couple of weeks...

Laying on the ground under the stars is Not as enjoyable as it used to be (I'll take my whips and chains with pillow and blanket please).

If Alpha is to sit in the back seat of our car, His feet must be on the dashboard (don't ask).

Insurance companies are not as helpful as their commercials make them out to be (I mean really, is it necessary to have five different people on your case? It's not like any of them actually return calls).

I can dress super fast when standing naked on the side of the road (that was exceptionally mean).

I really hate cheap coffee (what do they put in that shit, mud for color and old grounds for flavor?).

It is possible to hold ones temper when one wants to kill their boss (there really is a limit though...should my ass ever be mentioned again it'll walking off to more poorly paid pastures).

It's damn hard to be submissive in a two bedroom household of six (still waiting for that five bedroom to land in the backyard).

We need a regular date night (everyone wants to say how great my kids are but nobody wants to keep them overnight. Wtf...).

I miss being able to spend enough time in front of my blog to respond to comments (kind of miss my living room too).

And did I mention that I really hate cheap coffee?


  1. If anyone deserves a good cup of coffee, it's you. A few of those lessons sound like they'd be good blog posts!

    We're waiting! lol


  2. Love the humor and reality in these posts...thanks!! :)

  3. Dannah, oh I think I deserve lots of coffee (no ego here). And well, they might make good posts, if I ever get my living room back lol.

    Weave, glad you enjoy. I'm trying to manage reality with humor. It's kind of working so far lol.


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