Thursday, May 23, 2013

Human Race

somewhere along the way
we fell through a hole
in the heart of our race
we forgot that we were born okay
we forgot that we belong to the earth
and that she does not belong to us
from her we are born, and to her we all shall return 

somewhere along the way
greed planted a seed
and the human race
in an attempt to save face
decided to descend from grace
we became a culture of greed
based around what we see as our never-ending need

somewhere along the way
 we forgot that we were made of stars
that we are infinite possibility
only caged by our own beliefs

And so we go on
fighting our holy wars
in the name of Gods 
who's meanings we have long since forgotten

Religions come and go
Gods live and die
yet we continue
to perpetuate the lie
that we are different,
you and I

And so we have become
a culture of genocide
as our governments lie and devide
in the name of a country's pride

Creating a race
who is forgetting the meaning of human being
in its race against being human
where we don't want our governments
to tell us who to love
and how to live
we accept that they tell us who to hate
they tell us who to kill
 in a race to the bottom wherein we believe
that war is the cost of peace
and rights must be sacrificed in the name of security

We raise our children on war games
and we lie to them
when we tell them
that they are not one and the same
that their pain
is more than that of the person next door
and so we fight
in the name of Gods that will one day lie forgotten
and so we have become
a world misbegotten
 because we no longer remember
that I am who I am
and you are who you are
and inside
we are all the same.

We are the human race
so caught up in believing
that we have forgotten the power of thinking
we have forgotten
that there is nothing more dangerous
 and nothing more beautiful
than an intelligent and articulate mind
so we land where they tell us to take our stand
we forget that we belong to the land
we eat what they feed us
and so we believe what they see in us.


  1. Loved this lil, so very true, the problem is history has a bad habit of repeating itself and makes one wander what happened to the philosophy of learning from ones mistakes.


    1. Thank you tori!

      I think that the issue of not learning from our mistakes is huge--that is what allows the perpetual and repetitious cycle to continue on until it's all we know, and we think that the cycle is how things are supposed to be.

  2. WOW, an extraordinary piece of writing. I think part of the problem is that we just get tired of beating our heads against the wall, so we accept the s**t they feed us. Shame on us.

    1. sunnygirl,

      Thank you!

      You are right about getting tired of beating our heads against the wall.
      I think that there is an extreme frustration that comes with being so small in comparison, and we forget it takes little seeds to grow big trees.

  3. You have been awarded:

    I know not everyone is in to these things...but I like to pass them on just in case. Don't feel obligated to play along, just know that I appreciate your writing and what you are doing here.

    1. Brigit,
      Thank you!
      I absolutely adore the title of your blog btw.


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