Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Question of That Peaceful Feeling

Okay, so I kind of lost track of these, but I think this one is also from Foxy Canidae...My bad...

"Is there anything you do to feel more peaceful and settled in your day? Does it relate to him and to your submission or is it about taking "me time" for yourself?"

Oh geez feeling more peaceful and settled...Truthfully, I've fallen off the horse in a big way. These days, it's a miracle if I even feel peaceful and settled in my sleep.

For a while, he had me wear the plug for at least an hour every day. Oh, I moaned and complained a bit, but it really did wonders for my head-space and helping me to just settle and focus.

I have honestly never really taken "me time". With the exception of when I was pregnant. So generally, anything that makes me feel more peaceful and settled is related to D/s, which has been in short supply around here. In no small part because of me, but that wasn't the question was it? Luckily...

All those little rituals which have fallen by the wayside because life is overwhelming, help me to feel more peaceful and settled--my daily statement to him of why I submit, the plug, time sitting at his feet, even peeing in the stupid cup every morning.

Anything that involves D/s, really.

So yea...I realize that this was kind of a lame response, but peaceful and settled are in short supply around here these days! Any readers care to chime in on this one...?


  1. What is it about plugs?!

    Hang in there, lil, things are bound to settle may take awhile, but they will.

    1. Misty,
      I don't know...Someone should do an independent study (like, without me).

      I wanna know why things always get crazier before they settle!?

  2. My answer is even less helpful to others, but it's simply - "him"
    Having him be the other side of whatever this relationship-thing that we have is, settles me.
    When we decided to try again... it was like somebody flipped a switch and everything just dropped right back into place.
    It's almost annoying, really... ;-)

    1. Jz,
      You know, it's good answer though...

      It really is quite annoying. How do they do it??

  3. lol like Misty said..what is it about plugs? I have to have one in 15 mins a time, twice a day, im used to it now, and i like that its my time to focus on us, him.

    I think having rituals help, they provide a focus, something that is a constant reminder of ones submission perhaps, and they can be anything you want.


    1. tori,
      rituals really do help. If one actually does them. Ahem.
      Sigh* I've fallen off the train in a big way...

  4. Hope you rediscover the peaceful feeling soon Lil. For me too it's thr rituals, doing things for him, being at his fert.


  5. Hope things start to settle down for you soon. (((Hugs)))

    For me it would have to be pain. Especially pain from sharp sensation scenes. He is so slow and deliberate, it's almost like a massage. I always come away feeling centered, grounded and peaceful in a way that I can't achieve otherwise.


    1. Beth,
      Oh me too! Thank you.

      Pain is an interesting experience isn't it?


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