Sunday, October 19, 2014


I'm behind. In everything.

Replying to comments.
Being a halfway decent slave.

You name it--I'm behind.

Yep, I am currently excelling in all areas.

And I've had a tad too much wine. To accompany my whine, you know.


Living in limbo is a bitch. We both know that we have gone off course in recent months, but damn, it's hard to commit to anything while living in limbo. Even those parts of ourselves that we know to hold true, regardless of circumstances.

I don't know what I should and should not write here anymore, and that has contributed to some blogging difficulties lately. I never previously questioned what I could write, and it has thrown me off a bit. Though, I suppose that I'll know right about the time that limbo ends...

Luckily for all concerned, I do have a question waiting in my inbox, and I'll try to get to it soon--it should help me to avoid excess whining.
This whole not having my own computer thing kind of sucks. And quitting smoking again. That sucks monkey butts.

I hope that I don't look at this post in the morning and realize that I shouldn't be allowed to touch the computer after being left with a bottle of wine...


  1. I love your aimless ramblings, I can so relate. :-)

  2. I can relate, to all of it. I would miss you if you didn't blog. You say the things we all think. But I must say I'm not too keen on having my butt used as a negative.

    1. lm,
      aw, you're too sweet.

      Um...My bad on the butt. Lets just blame it on the wine! Lol.

  3. Hi Lil, oh yes, I can relate to all of this too. Being behind, in limbo ... and I 'should' be quitting smoking too. Good on you! Quitting sucks but hang in there! Hope limbo ends soon!


    1. Roz,
      quitting has certainly not improved my general disposition with humanity!

      And yea, me too--I'm so over this limbo shit.


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