Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rambling on

My blog has been neglected because life has been busy...And the computer happens to be in the living room...Which has been taken over lol. I kind of miss it. And I miss browsing other blogs.
I have this plan for Saturday, to not do anything except meet some of the demands of three children under ten who seem to think that 8 eggs, 1 tub of yogurt, and a pound of fruit is what the starving and underfed kids get for breakfast.

And because I'm fairly sure that I still have Some sense of humor...

Alpha and I were sitting in the kitchen and I said something smarmy humorous (I have this inexplicable ability to genuinely not remember these things I say that get me into hot water). I watched one eyebrow float up and there was a long pause. Then He said "so you're saying you wish I was more consistent?" Keeping a relatively safe distance I replied, "well yea...sometimes." The other eyebrow proceeded to go down as the first went towards His hairline. After a moment of silence He repeated my statement back to me. So yes, it was maybe lacking in logic. Just a bit.
I then proceeded to hastily agree to an earlier statement where He had claimed that I wasn't on the edge of insanity--I was sending post-cards back from the bottom. It was a less than successful defense.

Okay, so maybe my sense of humor isn't what it could be. But I swear it isn't' gone completely.


  1. Open mouth insert foot! I do that so often.

  2. There are often moments round here that one wishes our "logic" would sync up... just a bit more :(


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