Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekly snippets

I could complain about the bitch who ran into my car and drove off last week. I could say a great many things about how much of an ass my boss is and how absolutely creepy he's being about trying to run my life. I could go on about how much I miss my living room. But I'm making an effort to bitch less, or at least do it with a semblance of humor.

Some weird little conversations happen around here (okay, so by the time I shut my mouth, I may not find it all so entertaining anymore. What can I say, lack of air and a spatula are great deterrents to speech).

Alpha: "Would you quite sighing at me?"
"I am Not sighing! I'm just breathing, geez."
"Not anymore you're not. Would you like to try that again?"
"Wheez. Well, yes...But no thank you."

Alpha: "Got something to say little one?"
"Oh yes, lots actually! But I'm saving it until I'm out of hearing range and reach."

Alpha: "Why are you being so obstinate?"
"I am Not!"

And a classic courtesy of the children:
kids: "woof woof"
Me: "quit barking at the neighbors!"


  1. "Quit barking at the neighbors!"...

    I just shot Cherry Coke out of my nose. I have four boys and that statement was sadly familiar.

  2. centipede, lmao. Things come out of my mouth on a daily basis that I never thought I would hear, let alone say. Crazy what boys do to you huh lol.


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