Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Submissives and other skittish critters

I get a bit skittish sometimes. Not the cute "doe in the field" kind of skittish, more like the "deer stuck in a fence and panicking," kind of skittish. It doesn't occur as often as it used to, but occasionally I do find myself stuck in the fence and panicking. It happened the other night when we were in bed and I can't even remember what set me off or what Alpha said exactly. What I do remember very clearly was the tone of His voice.

He has this particular tone that I have previously only heard him use with skittish animals. But He used it with me, and oddly enough? It worked like a charm. I don't know what offended me more during the reflective hours of the following day--that He used a voice reserved only for animals, or that I responded so well lol.

It really isn't always so much about what you say as it is about how you say it.


  1. I completely understand! E often uses the same tone and techniques on me that he uses to calm the dog down when she's feisty or misbehaving!

    Insulting, but effective.

  2. Lol, yes--very effective isn't it?


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