Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Eden Fantasys review--playing it safe

So technically it was Alpha's turn to pick our review toy, but the shit had hit the fan and He told me to just go for whatever I wanted. After my last review (silence is requested in the peanut gallery), I went for the most benign possible choice--A blindfold.

I love the perspective and sensory changes that come with not being able to use sight as a means of relating to experiences (well, when it comes to BDSM anyways). Which is why I was pretty excited about getting something that was not pulled off a nearby hanger and tied around my head lol.

Okay, so before I get going here, Eden Fantasys asks for honest reviews, and that's what they're getting from me lol.

I really like the sex toys Eden Fantasys has sent us so far (okay, so I hated those nipple clamps, but they are quite effective and I don't have any issues with their quality lol)...But I was a bit disappointed with this one.

 The material is really soft and feels nice; however, there are a lot of "buts."

The "adjustable" description of the strap means that it's elastic and it didn't stay on very well--I found that it was rather tight across the top, but I could actually see out the bottom of it. It didn't fit very well and there really wasn't anything that could be done about it. I also felt like I kept my eyebrows furrowed the whole time in an attempt to keep it on lol. It struck me as bit tacky and poorly made when Alpha opened up the box (in all fairness, it is not an expensive item, so high expectations may have been a bit unfair).
All in all, it didn't provide what I want in a blindfold--the complete loss of sight, the ability to move and have it stay in place, comfort, and real adjustability (that should be a word).

So while Eden Fantasys does have a really fun selection of bondage toys, this is not one that I would recommend to anyone who is consistent and serious about their kink. For vanilla dabblers who enjoy being blindfolded occasionally, it would probably be a nice and cost-effective addition to the toy box. 


  1. oh, that doesn't sound enjoyable at all. No one wants to fiddle with the blindfold while playing.. very unsexah picture I just got of me re-adjusting lmao. Good review, thank you for the heads up :)

  2. I've been wanting to be a reviewer of sex toys and so someday soon - after I've done a bit more blogging - I am going to apply. The idea of free sex toys excites me, and also the intrinsic exhibitionist in me delights in the idea of publicly speaking about my experiences with them.

    I accidentally stole Master's blindfold when I last visited him. It wraps around the head with velcro so it stuck to some of my dirty laundry. When I got home and unpacked my clothes I saw that I had brought home a stowaway. :) It's mine, now! Although he will get it back when we're living together. The blindfold is high quality, in my opinion. It is made by Sportsheets and feels nice and snug on my head. It also covers my eyes very well. (I am not getting paid to brag about this blindfold, but maybe I just got my first bit of practice at reviewing a sexy toy.)


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