Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life is thoroughly unreasonable

1. Look for new job.
Outcome: Unsuccessful
Outlook: Rgghhhh

2. Work at current hell hole job.
Result: Succesful at not quitting. Did not tell boss to shove his sticky notes up his ass.
Attitude: One sticky note away from the edge of reason (the bad edge lol).

3. Talk to police officer.
Result: picked up restraining order paperwork and had the best moment of my day.
Best moment: Cop, "is your husband a big man?" Me, "umm, yea." Cop, tell Him to beat the shit out of that little bastard if he shows up. Then call us." Me, with an ear-to-ear grin. "it's a plan."

4. Stumble home hoping not to have to turn right back around and take sil to hospital.
Discovery: didn't have to go sit in the er all night, house still to small, dryer still broken, house thoroughly trashed.
Thoughts: I want my goddamned dryer! And I'll take a nanny/live in maid while I'm making reasonable requests.

General outlook: Pissed with a chance of bitching.

Note to self: It's not nice to yell at people. Try to be nice.


  1. I had a horrid job a year ago. It sucked my soul away and I'm still recovering. I can completely sympathize with you!!

    I love it when cops have a sense of humour.

    Good luck in everything.

  2. Eventually tides turn. In the meantime, go ahead and bitch

  3. Steel Rose, it's ridiculous how jobs like that can really screw with your outlook and life in general! It's rough lol.
    And I don't think the cop meant it as a joke...

    Mindset, I hope they turn soon lol. And bitching, while somewhat annoying, is great therapy when you can't afford to pay for it. Free happy doses lol.


Play nice.