Friday, February 1, 2013

Dear Universe, Pretty Please?

February did not begin quite as auspiciously as I had hoped that it would...

I haven't been sleeping. You know those nights when you dream so much that you feel like you didn't rest, but you don't even remember the damn dreams? Yea, like that...

Work is a bitch, and not having enough work is also a bitch lol.

Tomorrow, for the first time in approximately nine months, my mom will watch both of the kids for the night.

And this time, we aren't going to behave as if we have a 5:00 PM curfew!

We are going to go out, and eat, and maybe dally in some deserted parking lots, and go dance to some wonderful music. Well, I'll dance, and I'll try to make it interesting enough for him to want to dance with me lol.
I'm thinking that when we get home, I'll be asleep on my feet, but he'll do unspeakably delicious and rather loud things to me, and then I'll sleep like a rock.

Oh please universe, I've been good!
Please don't make me reschedule my twice a year night for the third time in three weeks.


  1. Enjoy your date night, lil! Hope you guys do something naughty and special!

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time.


  3. my fingers are crossed, chica!

    She Who Has Assumed The Mantle

    1. Jz,
      Lol, I think part of that mantle is clinging to my leg and just won't let go.
      I wonder who gets it for March?

  4. Enjoy your date night, I hope you have a great time.

  5. Oh have fun lil! I wish you and Alpha the best time ;o)

  6. Oh yes, I've had loads of nights like that. They suck! Recently for me it's been waking up in pain, ugh. Hope you have a wonderful date night!



    1. Turiya,
      Problems sleeping really are the pits.

      Thank you!

  7. fingers AND TOES are crossed! I'm sure the universe is going to make it happen.

    since things aren't happening the way they're supposed to in my corner, i figure it's busy taking care of you :)

    then when you're done with your date night, send the positive vibes back this way !

    have lots of fun.

    1. Fondles,
      Oh you mean the universe really does do nice things too?!
      Okay, I'll send it back...Eventually. But I'm hanging on to a piece of that lol.

      Thank you.

  8. Fingers crossed for you both....and enjoy.


  9. Hope you get all that you want...and what you didn't know you needed.

    1. Elle,
      I think I did. Is that blessing or a curse?

  10. OOhh - good luck, good luck, and have fun!


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