Tuesday, February 19, 2013

For You

Blogger absolutely refused to format this how I wanted it, and I have to say--that really pissed me off...

For you
I would be
anything, everything, nothing.
For you
I would laugh and cry,
love, live,
and die.

lead me and I will follow
Dominate me and I will submit
Break me and I will rise like a phoenix from the ashes
control me and I will obey.
Take me and I am yours 
in all ways.
do not leave me floating in this motionless ocean
I cannot swim, I cannot fly, and time is slipping quietly by.

Strip away all that I am
so that I may be all that I have become
Bring me to tears and wipe away my fears.

I have somehow lost my way
so it is to you that I pray
take me back to shore
lead me back to our path,
or tell me where to go
so that I may return home
I cannot seem to find the way on my own.

My compass
it seems broken
torn part by this endless ocean.
tell me which direction to wander
as I wonder
where I am meant to be
and how I am to get there.

Point me towards home
that I may no longer feel alone.
Bind me that I may no longer stray too far.

For you I will float in this motionless ocean
until you lead me to shore.
For you
I would give anything.
For you
I could take everything.
Without you
I am adrift in the seas of time
drowning in my own mind.
Lead me to solid ground.

And I shall rest before you 
on my knees
forever where I am meant to be
forever what I am meant to be.
for you.


  1. Lil, this is beautiful. Eloquent. Inspiring.

    Thank you!

  2. This is so beautiful! Very inspiring.


  3. Blogger may screw up the format but it cannot change the beauty of the words and thought. Awesome.

  4. Such beautiful words and if you hadn't said a thing about the format I wouldn't have noticed. Now I wonder what you wanted...

  5. Beautiful and so well expressed as usual lil


  6. Don't worry about the format, your words say it all and beautifully.

  7. Wow, simply beautiful Lil. Thank you for sharing.


  8. This was great lil. Very beautiful.

  9. The format doesn't matter because this is just beautiful :)

    Dee x

  10. This is beautiful lil, but there also seemed some sadness floating between the devotion. I hope you find your direction :)

    ava x

  11. Wow, lil, this is absolutely beautiful. It expresses so much of what is in my heart in recent weeks as there are some changes going on between Dave and I. Thank you.

  12. Blogger is being irritating this morning, so no responding to individual comments for me. What a bitch!


    Thank you all for the lovely comments--I am glad you enjoyed the post.
    I wanted some line-breaks that blogger refused to give me, (looked great in drafts) but I guess I shouldn't complain because it did let me publish it lol.

    @ Ava Grace, yes there's a lot of sadness in it. Interestingly, we often seem to find beauty in such things...
    I hope I find that direction too.


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