Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Ghosts

Motionless without direction
listening for the quiet inflection
that tells me where to go
that shows me he knows...

Somehow I became alone 
drifting in the unknown
searching for the way home 
on my own.

Somehow untouchable
unreasonably unreachable
sifting through the sands of time
trapped somewhere in my own mind.

A thought slips through
a dream drifts by
as snow floats down through the cloudy sky.

My ghosts they float through my dreams
quiet and smiling
speaking of places that I have never been
and things that I have never seen.

I sleep with the doors open
always hoping
that when one shines light in the corners
nothing remains hidden
to rise out of the dark unbidden.

I long ago cleaned out my closets
of the skeletons so carefully gathered there
I made room for my ghosts
they see more than most.

When we gather
we offer them a plate
we set them a place
and these days,
sweet mother above and below,
they take up so much space.

I learned long ago
that maybe we don't want to know
what the cards hold
and it is better
just to let the future unfold.
People think they want to know what lies ahead
but they will not thank you
for historically we have shunned
those who see
that which we do not understand.

And so I talk to my ghosts
some new
some old
some beloved
and some better left alone.

So often we search
for that which is already within.
And as we travel through this life
we tend forget
that there is grace in death
and beauty in pain.

We forget
to dance in the rain
we refuse to acknowledge our ghosts
and say that yes,
they are our very own
each one
just another soul
looking for the way home.


  1. Beautiful, and very powerful.

    Thank you for sharing your words.

    1. Anna May,
      thank you, and you are quite welcome.

  2. You are so talented. Glad that you share your talent with us.

    1. Thank you so very much sunnygirl.

  3. wow, I love, thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Wow, just beautiful, I love it. Thank you for sharing.



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