Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fluctuation Spaces and Other Critters

 I would like to thank Little Monkey for kindly returning my lost and tattered sense of humor--I'm keeping it chained nearby and well plied with caffeine.

Uh huh--really, really was!

 Sometimes I get a bit lost. It usually happens when his standing still coincides with other events that stress me out. So I run around in circles until something gives.

This running around in circles bit tends to bring the brat out in full force.

Now, sassing is a part of our lives--don't say I told, but he's admitted that he would probably get a bit bored  if I had no sass.
But sassing always ends with sweet compliance. It's a little nudge of fun that earns me a swat, a grab, a threat that is as delicious as it is meant to be, a laugh, or all three.

Bratting is quite a bit different. Truthfully, neither of us likes the brat, and if I could throw her out in the snow and slam the door once and for all, I would.

Sometimes the brat is screaming for more control, sometimes she genuinely wants to do whatever the hell she wants, whenever the hell she wants to.
It's always one extreme or the other, (should that be "Another?").

It becomes like the "Great reign of dissatisfaction".

Sometimes I know exactly what I need--usually it's a tightening up of our dynamic--more expression of it.

He comes to an understanding and helps me out.

And sometimes?
Well, hell if I know. Though I would hazard a guess that my hormones are out to sabotage me more often than I would like.

There is a...Fluctuation place.
He lets me have that space to fluctuate when my hormones are out to get me, when things change, when I'm really stressed.
I need it badly, and I am deeply grateful for it.
But getting back out of that fluctuation space can be tricky. And too much fluctuation is when the brat is likely to enter in all her glory. batty little bitch that she is...

Occasionally, that way back is to send the brat packing in tears, and lock the house up tight so that she can't sneak back in (Okay, so lock me up tight is always part of the solution, eventually).

If someone ever gives out that "Submissive of the Year" award, I think that they should be shunned (obviously the results are the same for me either way lol).


  1. Would that it were easy to always get out of our own way...

    1. Jz,
      ya'know, it would be much easier if I could avoid running over myself in the process of attempting to do so...

  2. Maybe our brats can have a play date. If they get too busy they may forget about us and stay away for a while.😎

    1. dancingbarez,
      lmao! That's awesome.
      I think it's a wonderful idea--send them somewhere secluded where they can't rain on everyone's parade, take away the sharp pointy objects, and everybody wins!

  3. you know, there is a line of dolls called Bratz...maybe you should get one and use it like a voodoo doll. Next time your inner brat comes out...start sticking pins in your Bratz doll :)

    1. Antimama,
      I must admit to some trepidation surrounding the concept of attempting to voodoo-doll myself...

  4. I like the suggestions here. When I'm like this my hubby calls me Scrappy (hence the profile pic LoL)


    1. Lol Roz.
      Alpha calls me "Little bits" which is what we used to call one of our dogs when she was being a shit--basically means little bitch, but it's wrapped in a nicer sounding package.

  5. Sometimes the brat is screaming for more control, sometimes she genuinely wants to do whatever the hell she wants, whenever the hell she wants to.
    It's always one extreme or the other, (should that be "Another?").
    I didn't write this did I? :)

    The way things are going it won't be a play date but a full on nursery class. I'll meet you there...

    Dee x

    1. Dee,
      LOL--do we have to go too, or can we just send the brats off packing and meet up for coffee and margaritas while they raise hell in the nursery?

  6. Hence my name "Brattyredsub" I am his Brattyredsub when my brat comes out!!! I think we all have a brat that is inside us.

    1. Brattyredsub,
      I think that the brat changes over time, and hopefully we get better at seeing her and shutting her hand in the door as time goes by...But she's a sneaky little devil.


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