Monday, July 7, 2014

It Pains Me Dearly to Admit...

I pains me dearly to admit this, but I was feeling neglected and may have been being a rotten bit of a brat. I was in trouble, and I knew it. He knew it too.
I actually covered my mouth to keep in the words that I couldn't believe were pouring out. It did no good--my eyes gave me away. And maybe something about the set of my jaw...

The stick hurt, but it didn't help.

As he held my face under the shower, I had one of those reactions. You know, the kind where you can't believe it's happening, and your brain is frantically telling you to stfu before you drown because you're an idiot? No, just me then?
Yea...I laughed.
I couldn't even breathe. And I was ready to behave. And I was remorseful. It just...Came out!

And under I went. Again. The look on his face was totally incredulous, and disturbingly determined.

He got what he wanted.

I was not obstinate, and I certainly wasn't laughing.



  1. You know non of this would have happened if you would have just listened to yourself and shut up. And you wouldn't have to tell yourself to shut up if you would just lead a less stressful life!! What is the problem!!
    *said dripping with sarcasm

    1. Sarah,
      Lol, Iknowright? Stupid mouth not listening to the brain when it actually has something intelligent to say!

  2. Vaguely, I remember when it would pain me to admit such things too...but you know. It's been a hormonal-driven-grumpy-evening.
    I *hate* that moment of dawning realization though..the look in his eyes, reflecting the self-knowledge of yep, that would be trouble.
    I'm so with Sarah: Live a less stressful life. With unicorns.

    1. Bleuame,
      lmao--I want my unicorn, dammit! I'll take a side of rainbows and butterflies with that...

      Oh yes, that moment is definitely always trouble.

      Ah, hormonal evenings--definitely not the stuff unicorns are made of. Hope today is better!

    2. Ha! I always forget the butterflies and rainbows.
      Thanks! It was :)

  3. I think I'm going to be working on future me for a long time to come.... 'sigh'

  4. I hate blogger - it's this thing lately I write a comment, have to sign in again, then the comment gets lost and I have to do it again. If you don't hear from me, that's the reason.

    Anyway, enough bitchin and I can't keep quiet once I get started either. Fortunately or unfortunately I don't have to suffer any consequences.

    Love the post it. Remember the advice

    1. sunnygirl,
      Blogger can be such a temperamental bitch!

      I shall try to keep my post-it advice in mind. Though, there does seem to be a terrible disconnect between brain and mouth...

    2. Me too Sunnygirl! The same is happening to me. I have started copying my comment just in case it gets lost!

      By the way lil, yes to the unicorns, flowers and butterflies! Sorry about the shower! Ugh...

    3. Cygnet,
      ah well, it's one of those things that I have a love/hate relationship with...

      I think the unicorn stepped on my flowers!


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