Thursday, August 28, 2014

Have I?

Have I told you lately, that I think you are brilliant at what you do?
Have I told you lately that I think you will be brilliant at anything you put your mind to?
Have I told you lately that, while I am often questioning and skeptical, I support whatever you choose to do?
Have I told you lately that you created some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen?
Have I told you lately how amazing it is that you have made things which will still stand long after we are gone?
Have I reminded you lately that you have already accomplished more than our parents did in a lifetime?
Have I admitted lately that my faith in you is absolute?

Somewhere along the way, some things went wrong
choices were made
the family changed
and life hasn't quite been the same
but that's okay.

I think that perhaps your faith in yourself was shaken
and I have been remiss in reminding you
that you are the person who makes me believe anything is possible
that with you by my side,
I know in my heart there is no achievement to high to reach
that I believe you can be successful at everything, at anything, at whatever your heart desires.

Have I told you lately, that it's okay for dreams to change
and as long as I remain in yours
I will follow you wherever they may lead?
Have I told you lately, that while I am terribly afraid to follow my dreams,
and sometimes I worry that some of yours might be flights of fancy,
I still believe you should do what pleases you?

Sometimes I wish that you could see yourself through my eyes
the man who never falters
never gives up
can live through hell and achieve anything
the man who stands strong when the world falls apart
the man who refuses to compromise his principals for the shortcomings of others
the man who teaches me every day what unconditional love really means.

I know my love, that things are not always as they seem
and lately, there has been a space between us
a small gulf that feels like the endless sea
but I am truly here by your side
always along for the ride
even though sometimes I run and hide
I live to hear your voice calling me

We grow older and become companions to disillusionment
our time here is finite
and that can put life in a slightly bitter light.
But you and I my love
you and I have existed throughout time
where I am yours and you are mine.

The sands of inevitability slip on by
but some things
like you and me
were always meant to be.


  1. Wow...just beautiful. Gave me chill bumps:)

  2. WOW...powerful, amazing, touching.....piece of art...thanks for sharing.
    hugs abby

  3. I am so envious lil, of how you write so beautifully.


  4. Lil, I love your writings, as abby says pieces of art. Always wonderful.

    1. Thank you, sunnygirl. You guys are gonna give me a big head one of these days!

  5. Once again you blew me away with your writing Lil. Simply beautiful!


  6. It's not often that something I read hits so close to home that it brings tears to my eyes. I am a stubborn fool and rarely can let tears fall - but this letter really, really moved me. Thank you so much for sharing this - I could so relate to every word, different details behind the words, I am sure - but fitting all the same. Beautifully written hon. xx

    1. Thank you, Amber. I am glad that you enjoyed it and found it to be something that you could relate to.

  7. I hope he read this. I hope the "gulf" closed soon, as I am WAY late in commenting. We are in great need of an email chat. :)

    1. Sarah,
      Sigh* he really doesn't read here anymore...But yes, the gulf closed!

      Email me already then!!


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