Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling half-way human again

Oh my, can it really be true?! The migraine is gone. Thank freakin goodness because it was really interfering with life. After ten days, I can think again and am just hoping it doesn't make a surprise reappearance. The migraine was Not a good friend and I don't want it living with me any more lol. It really did not help the dynamic between M and I either. He was gone for so long that we were both ready for some play (I need another term for it, He has a real problem calling it "play" because of the responsibility it requires). I couldn't hardly move though so dinner served up with a side of argument has been about the extent of my service since He got home. Hopefully the migraine won't move back in and we can have some time to ourselves tonight so I can make up for it.
Anyways, today is sister's birthday and the poor house is still a mess to I had better get my butt to some cooking and cleaning. M will be home early and the world doesn't seem like a complete waste anymore so I'm going with it while I can lol.


  1. 10 days of a migrain I feel for you mine only last for a few days 3 or 4 tops... I could not imagen 10 days of it. No way it is my sister's birthday today aswell odd world we live in.

    We call it "pla"y if it light and on the vanilla side, "scene" if it involves anything with a risk, S&M or bondage ect.... then theres always the old fall back "adult time" which covers it all,lol

  2. The funny thing is, I don't ever get headaches, so i didn't handle it too well. It is a crazy world isn't it.
    I'm going to plagarize (I know that's spelled wrong...)"adult time" lol.


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